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  1. I was sprayed in the eye by P. biguttata when I was young. Something you'll never wanna experience again lol
  2. I won't do that cause I can't imagine any positive result but only mold, bacteria, mites and bad odor lol
  3. Those are some nice looking guys Have you ever been bitten or sprayed?
  4. Yep G. portentosa are fast breeding but not trouble free, I have trouble to get rid of my thousands of hissers now lol
  5. 80 is okay. Mine are kept at 80 with only water source and dog food provided, can't care less about the humidity and everything else. As long as there're dog food, water and heat, they're unstoppable... I have thousands of them in a bin now which makes me headache lol
  6. Had a few in my roach colony sometime before, but now I don't see any
  7. Wow nice, why it is considered as pure? Is it a recently introduced bloodline from Madagascar?
  8. I'm breeding German cockroaches for my lab. Don't keep them at home, that is my suggestion If you have escapes at home don't be panic through, just keep your house very clean and apply cockroach bait properly.
  9. Here's my hypothesis: 1. Green leaves are nutritionally poor diet with high water content. Only specialized leave feeders can have greens as major diet. 2. Green leaves have chemical defense against insects. 3. The bacteria and fungus fauna on dead leaves are important resources. Anyway, cockroaches are leave litter scavengers and not specialized on green leaves.
  10. Roach colonies that feed less still need enough maintenance ... Yes they can get mites, and I have to do quite some tricks to suppress the mite population. Such as introducing spring tails, put the food on the drier side, and use leaf litter as major diet in some cases.
  11. A variety of nutritional ingredients is one thing, but the relative concentration is another thing. Technically speaking honey is mostly sugar... It is good for bee/wasp/ant workers to serve as perfect energy source, but may not be preferred by roaches. A lot of small roach species would feed on pollen in the wild, so I guess pollen can serve as a treat for certain species. If you don't see your roaches eat much, one possible reason is that there're not many roaches in the colony... My hisser colony can eat up 3 whole carrots overnight, it feels like they're taking the money out of my pocket everyday. In contrast, I don't need to add any new food for months in some other colonies.
  12. I feed them exactly like regular hissers: dog food, carrot, water. They eat and breed well
  13. Wow nice! Are they invasive or native to FL?
  14. I'd love to have a Therea infested house But I think the coming winter will eventually kill the ones which are still wandering...
  15. Corydidarum is my cutest one, though many people may see nothing but a black spot lol Therea are all very cute too.
  16. That's how I house them... I know it's a mess but they breed like wild fire so I just let it be...
  17. P nivea and B. lateralis are good suggests. While only the adult of P nivea love to climb and fly. B. lateralis don't climb smooth surface, but if your mantis cage allows them (net cage for example), they will climb all the way up and get caught by the mantis. That's interesting. My nymphs do nothing but burrowing, while my adults are so active. I need to knock my rearing container until all adults dropped and burrowed before I open it, or adults will swarm out flying... Same thing with my Gyna colony.
  18. I left my ootheca in the enclosure with the adults. The babies hatch after a few months incubation in the eco earth. Some people incubate them on moistened paper towel; but I have lost some very valuable species by using paper. Now I just leave them in coco fiber, the microflora and spring tails in the substrate helps prevent mold.
  19. I won't be surprised if they breed better on good substrate What I mean is B craniifer is a species which can do well under minimal management. When you have more than 50 species to take care of then death head is the one you will only take one glance every week
  20. Such beautiful species, thanks for sharing!
  21. I just keep mine as any other feeders: no substrate nor spray, egg carton, merely feed on dog food and water feeder. They emerge nicely and reproduce with no problem. Bad final molts do happen sometimes, but the possibility is as low as my other naturalistic setups.
  22. Hmmm, the question is quite broad. I just keep mine as any other borrowing species. They're pretty easy to keep but haven't got mine to reproduce yet, maybe what I need now is patience... If you have any specific questions or need any information, feel free to send me a message in Chinese.
  23. Congrats! Take it easy, the only thing can kill them is too much attention Mine colony multiplied from 20 to 200 in about 2 months I think. I didn't really take care of them.
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