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  1. The micro worms I believe are a cleanup crew. Good deal you got some for free.
  2. Wow those look like a cricket almost! I like em. Are they a pest species?
  3. Ty, It was just a thought. I get alot of fresh fruits. My dad recently bought a dehydrator and he has the dehydrating fever.Ill keep all that in mind.
  4. I was thinking the same thing. Hard dog foods, Whole ground rolled oats, ground cereals, they are all hard and roaches love them.
  5. Hmmmm, ill have to powderize it then. hmm hmm hmm. Trying too work on a custom roach formula. I do know most reptile meal powders have dehydrated powderized fruits, pollens, etc. Guess ill just have to see what the roaches think of it. That is the only sure test.
  6. Wow those are neat looking. Look like the common house gecko with a cooler pattern.
  7. Aside from offering fresh fruits and greens a couple times a week can you add ground dehydrated oranges,bananas, things like that too a chow? I know the moisture content would be gone but would it Inhibit more breeding like fresh citrus does?
  8. Expanded my Dubia Colony!! 2 Breeder tubs now.

  9. About how often do you change your egg flats out? I wouldn't imagine it being very often. Maybe 4-6 months? I have no clue.
  10. I agree with keith, My poor little baby sucalt. Fell victim to fire ants. Made a D-I-Y- Tort. pen and i turned my back for 5 mins, he was beyond saving. Turtles and torts require a expert keeper with alot of time and alot of money. Neither should be suggested for a beginner.
  11. I did exactly the same thing for my new cresty setup. Cheap, simple, easy to clean. I think i have $11 invested in it lol. Alot easier too piece stuff together. All that name brand stuff is good, but over priced and not needed.
  12. Right off the top I needed 2 UVB bulbs thats like 45-$60. 2 zilla 40 gallon breeder tanks which were like $75 each. Then 2 basking bulbs another $20. The 2 lizards were $65 each. Then i bought all the powders, dry food, thermometers and hygrometers. It added up real quick lol too quick. And thats just for a stripped down paper towel floor substrate. I couldn't imagine making a natural setup. I wasn't raising roaches at the time either I had to buy crickets which makes me angry.
  13. Beardies are alot of work lol. I just couldn't do it. Had too sell mine but i still miss them. They get very costly as well. Seems like crested geckos are alot easier too keep.
  14. Been thinking about ordering a crested gecko. I currently have no pets but my roaches. Anyone on here own a crestie? Can you convince me on getting one? I hear the care is super easy. Any thoughts?
  15. Its more like a chicken, even though they aren't fertile she still needs to lay them. Reptiles do the same thing.
  16. Sounds like sub-adults. I have some over an inch long and still just look like giant nymphs. flattened and round instead of bulky and elongated.
  17. That could be the sign of squashing right there. Sounds like it was crushed too me, that is where they would explode out from 1st more than likely when crushed. When my beardie eats them they do seem to explode from the rear end as soon as they get chomped.
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