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  1. Hi Gsc! I may be able to help you with a few. But I have to put the children to sleep first. Give me an hour or two. Best wishes Fredrik
  2. Some photos of Trichoblatta pygmea and a photo with a Trichoblatta which has rolled into a ball. http://mushinavi.com/navi-insect/data-goki_maru_hime.htm
  3. I only had the Trichoblatta for a couple of weeks until I could hand them over to my friend. I am sorry, but I didn't take any photos. I think I know what a few of you are thinking right now, hmm, no photos, nothing to back this up, man, he's making this up. Well, I'm not, and remember, finding new species were a part of my business a few years back, that was my "trade mark". Best wishes Fredrik
  4. I have had the opportunity to have both Trichoblatta pygmae and Trichoblatta nigra (90% sure about the ID, but I hope I'll have a defenitve answer soon) for a short period of time and they are as beautiful as they are in the photos. Best wishes Fredrik
  5. That was interesting, Matt, didn't know that. Thanks for sharing! I do believe that even "harmless" mites can pose a threat to a cockroach, including the G. portentosa. I think it's the same as with millipedes, that if the number of mites increases substantially, they can eventually get too many and block the spiracles and cause stress to the host. Best wishes Fredrik
  6. Thanks Matt! Much appreciated. Best wishes Fredrik
  7. Hi! I was just wondering if anyone know if Richard Willis, aka, Roachman is ok? I haven't heard from him for quite some time which makes me a bit worried. Best wishes Fredrik
  8. Hi Graham! I might have some Paranauphoeta formosana ready this summer and perhaps Homalosilpha gaudens. Both are very beautiful and extremly rare. I have to make sure that the cultures are stable first and so far so good. It looks promising Best wishes Fredrik
  9. I'm guessing Heliconius doris. http://thumbs.photo.net/photo/5294963-sm.jpg
  10. More reading: http://www.pherobase.com/database/species/...tta-hoeveni.php Information about the substances: http://ptcl.chem.ox.ac.uk/MSDS/CR/p-cresol.html http://ptcl.chem.ox.ac.uk/MSDS/PH/phenol.html Safe to say, not a specie to handle frequently, wouldn't you agree? Have a nice weekend everyone! Best wishes Fredrik
  11. Rare? I am not so sure about that. I think it's more accurate to say that you can find plenty of them if you only know where to look. By the way, I have some great news, I have just spotted a few nymphs in my tank Best wishes Fredrik
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