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  1. I have to agree with you ?
  2. I have now added Armadillidium pictum to my collection.
  3. Thank you for the tip. I think the mix I use can contain some of the ingrediens you mentioned. I have tried with Brewers yeast. I think they might have eaten some of it.
  4. On a few websites I found people treating these as the same species. They called them A. werneri "Montenegro" or Armadillidium cf. werneri "Montenegro". So probably Armadillidium sp "Montenegro" is A. werneri or a species that is very similar? Does anyone have any good information about this?
  5. Found some information that points to that A. werneri is the same species as Armadillidium sp "Montenegro". What do you people think? edit: Sorry for hijacking the thread. Started a new thread instead.
  6. Know how it is to start a colony with just a few individuals. Somertimes you manage to establish a colony from just a single female and sometimes it doesnt work at all. I hope you will end up with a thriving colony eventually. Waiting sucks
  7. Corydidarum pygmaea makes a fine addition to any collection. I hope your colony is thriving.
  8. The talk about backyard species made me go to a rockpile near my home and collect a dozen Porcellio spinicornis
  9. Thanks! Im not sure that I would like to have all the species I ones had ?. Im more going after picking the raisins from the cake. One problem is that I dont have any rare species any longer so trading is going to be a problem. But someway or another I will probably, given the time, build a nice collection again. Thanks! Do you keep any Perispharinae?
  10. Thank you for the kind words about the collection. Oniscus asellus might bee just a backyard species but your Mardi gras dalmatian variety is not
  11. Thank you! I have allways found Polyphagidae and Panestiinae especially interesting so my intention is to add some species from that family and sub family. I really miss my Panesthia angustipennis cognata and Polyphaga obscura cultures.
  12. Hi! Have allways loved isopods but I have just recently started collecting them. At the moment I keep the following species: Armadillidium maculatus, Armadillidium sp "monte negro", Armadillidium granulatum "brown", Porcellio expansus, Porcellio bolivari, Cubaris sp (Malaysia) and some more species that I mostly keep as feeders. Im planning to go out and collect some Armadillidium pictum because I know of a place nearby where I can find them. If someone wish to trade some species just let me know.
  13. Hi. I have been away from this forum a couple of years. My roach collection is not what it just to be. But Im starting to regrow my interest. If someone is interested in trading some species just let me know. Besides roaches I keep and breed some species of isopods and millipedes. My species list: Archimandrita tesselata Blaberus atropos Blaberus colloseus Byrsotria rothi Eublaberus sp Ivory Eupolyphaga sinensis Eurgaula capucina Gyna caffrorum Gyna lurida Lucihormetica grossei Luxihormetica veruccosa Pycnoscelus femapterus Therea bernhardti Therea olegrandjeani
  14. I have lost 3 individuals so far. Not a total catastrophy. I began to worry when I saw the third dead individual. That because this species is not so easy to get hold of and they are a bit expensive. If it had been a other species of isopod I probably wouldnt haved worried so much. The ones left seem to do well. I have seen some molting. One thing Im thinking about is food. They dont seem to eat leaves as much as other species. Carrot, flaked fish food and similar stuff doesnt seem to interest them much. I have been told they eat lichen but not exactly what kind. My friend makes his own superfood for isopods. Its a powder that you mix with water. They eat that but not as eagerly as some other species I keep.
  15. Thank you for help and advice. For example I didnt know about them being territorial so that was interesting information. The part about good airflow was also helpfull because I was about to reduce the ventilation.
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