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  1. I've kept hissers for 7 years and have always fed them cat food (amongst other things) since we also have cats. They seem to like it (though not as much as carrots and veggies) and it hasn't seemed to harm them.
  2. My hissers aren't too crazy about grapes for some reason. Never have been. It's weird since I hear other people's hissers love grapes and I make sure to halve them and everything. Same with bananas. They just sit around and attract gnats
  3. Wow, what a pretty roach! Does anyone know anything about their size, lifespan, breeding habits, etc?
  4. I've heard that, but it didn't seem to hurt them, at least not until a year after I put it in.
  5. Okay, I've been watering them a bit more than I used to and so far, I've only found one dead (on a day I was away too). I hope it was just humidity, seems like that was it so far.
  6. Hmmm, I mist at least once a day. Then again, winter is pretty dry. How many times should I mist them to keep them healthy? I am going to change the substrate soon too.
  7. I've been putting off on asking this here long enough. Last fall I started noticing small-medium sized nymphs dead under the pine bark I had in the unnamed tank. Then I started finding them in all other places, even after I took the bark out recently. Today I found a decent sized nymph dead in my other tank, along with even more dead ones in the unnamed tank. What's weird is I had the bark in for about a year before anything unusual started happening. And for the most part whatever's killing them has mainly killed small-medium nymphs in the unnamed tank (which is closer to the window). When I find them they are perfectly intact, sometimes they're even still a bit twitchy. Could it be some kind of toxic mold? Or nematodes? Maybe it's just a bit too chilly? I feel guilty I haven't asked here sooner. I've lost at least 50 nymphs so far and I feel like maybe it's something I might have done I need to pay more attention to them....
  8. Hmm, I wonder if you can also give feeders to local reptile shelters/rescues? My hissers aren't feeders, but I'm sure some of you all might be interested in doing a good deed.
  9. Made another one for drasar! Note the baby
  10. Gave mine some pumpkin! They loved it! Ad for the nerd thing, I've been in love with an anime character for seven years. I dunno if it can get much worse than that.
  11. Awww, these are adorable roaches! Very nice colors too!
  12. I looked in my unnamed tank of hissers tonight and found a young female dead! This has happened to me once before, but that was at least 6 months ago. I know for a fact they were both young, because I got them as nymphs about a year ago. They were adults when they died, and had food and water available so I'm a bit worried now. Any idea what's happening? Or are occasional, unexplained deaths normal in fairly sizable colonies?
  13. Awww, this species is adorable! I wish I had room to get a few...
  14. I know I need something like this. I'm ashamed of how unfamiliar I am with most species' names.
  15. I seriously am about ready to cry after seeing that thread. Unfortunately, I don't know how much can be done legally given that she wasn't a "cute and furry" animal like a cat or dog (from what I've seen the law tends to turn a blind eye to things with no fur and legs, hence why atrocities such as Roundups are allowed to happen). As for the monsters that did this, all we can hope for is that they get their just deserts in the biggest way possible, be it from the Law or karma. Things like this only make me think even lower of our species.
  16. If he's not in distress, don't worry about it I say. He's quite lovely otherwise, so I'd just let nature take it's course.
  17. Got home about 30 minutes ago, and when I looked at my "named" tank I saw Ophelia had an ootheca protruding! It looks healthy from what I've seen in pictures (nice light color, not slanted to one side, etc), but since this is the first time any of my hissers have reproduced I have some questions. First, how long will it be from the ootheca showing til the nymphs emerge? Second, any special care requirements for nymphs i.e. food, temperature, humidity, etc? Lastly, I have the window open at the moment. Should I shut it so it won't get drafty? Thanks, and I'm pretty stoked about this
  18. That's really cool! Though not technically origami (more of a craft involving paint and tape). For a real origami roach, check out Robert Lang's Cockroach.
  19. Welcome, and yet another gal here! I just have hissers myself, but I love them to death. However I do need to give some away...
  20. No, I haven't tried Porygon yet (color change and the shapes are an issue). But I did come up with another yesterday:
  21. Well, I have plenty of live hissers now, but I was selling the paper ones (amongst other origami creations) at Anime Weekened Atlanta. I think I had the Hissers in my 50 cents box
  22. More! A female I recently put in my "named" tank. Se doesn't have a name yet though. Hamlet with my Obitsu doll.
  23. I had a problem with fruit flies a while back. They were all in my hissers food, so annoying! But then we looked under my bed and found they were all in some soda cans my sister's ferret had dragged under there! So once those were trashed they slowly started dissappearing. Think the cold weather might have something to do with it, though.
  24. Not as much as I should I need to stop being so lazy. BTW, has anyone noticed how roaches tend to go for certain foods first? I know with my hissers, they tend to go straight for the carrots, then lettuce, then finally catfood. Do other species do this?
  25. I need to do diagrams, though I dunno if you can make them from stubs. They're from a square and get thick in some spots. Don't have a plan for that, unfortunately.
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