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  1. Thought this pic was pretty funny, he couldn't get up. Looks like your little nymph is eating just fine! Anything like sliced banana, greens, apple, rolled oats, cornmeal, cereal, dog/cat food, fish food, will be jes fine.
  2. Nice set-up! I like the microscope too---very cool.
  3. Is newspaper ok to use as a substrate? I use that and cardboard stacked vertically. I also mist twice a week and love to watch them all come out and drink. They also have water crystals.
  4. Is newspaper ok to use as a substrate? I use that and cardboard stacked vertically. I also mist twice a week and love to watch them all come out and drink. They also have water crystals.
  5. Well, hey, I'm back. I did eventually get rid of my entire lobster roach colony----gave them to a friend. I was too paranoid that they would infest my apartment! They are prolific breeders!!!! Fast and can climb very well, as you all prolly know. I switched to blaptic dubia and got a couple of hissers. I love both of these species and have enjoyed raising them tremendously. !!! Looking forward to more activity with this roachy forum.
  6. Nice shots! I think blaptica dubia are amazing looking----some of the females are colored beautifully. I'm SUCH a bug nerd.
  7. Oh NO....these are a mutant strain of dubia in reaction to evolution of captivity. They could be very very dangerous. very strange. it does look like a deformed male to me, though.
  8. I keep my hissers in an aquarium in my living room, too. The are in the space of my 'entertainment center' precisely where the TV should be. ha HA I love them. Hissers are nocturnal and this can make it seem like they never eat--------especially if you have a small amount of them.
  9. interesting exhibit. would like to see her work on display.
  10. I don't think I'd paint it because you'd need a water based paint that's not so toxic---acrylic---BUT acrylic won't stick to glass. Catch 22.
  11. Very cool. Good luck with your soon to arrive babies! I have lobster roaches and feed them dry dog food---oats----bread---- They seem to really enjoy small slices of banana----cut in half and and then take half of that and slice down the middle---when I do that the roaches climb all over the exposed fruit and chow down. They also really dig blackberries.
  12. I am currently keeping lobsters and I really like them---so does my beardie and turtles. They are EASY to keep. Don't smell. Easy to keep from climbing. Breed VERY quickly and have live birth. High meat ratio
  13. I check my roach bins eveyday to see if they need more food or if I need to take out any old food.
  14. I got my lobster roaches about two months ago and they are breeding like MAD. My bearded dragon, tarantula, turtles go ga-ga over them.
  15. I'd be curious to hear what happens. Lobsters are very territorial-----I've actually seen some of the roaches guard and fight off others away from the food. Anybody else witness this? They display by raising their wings which seems to me a sign of dominance. I wonder how they would react to a couple of larger roaches coming into their 'community'. Keep us posted!
  16. I use olive oil when I feed Bruno his nymphs in a separate feeding enclosure----that way if the babies get any on them it won't harm my beardie. I use vaseline for the adults---works fine.
  17. I know my roaches LOVE oraganic strawberry jelly spread on bread or toast. I'll look in their enclosure the next morning and all the jelly is gone off the toast and big nibbles taken from the bread.
  18. I guess the little centepide-looking-creepy-crawlies are something of a cleanup bug that many cricket breeders use to 'clean up' after crix?? They aren't beetles-----and they do reproduce. I'll try to get pics. of the little buggers.
  19. I've started raising lobster roaches for my beardie and tarantula. I've grown so fond of raising these lobsters----very fascinating!
  20. I am establishing a lobster roach colony and I've been noticing these little centipede-like creatures that are breeding as well in my enclosures. Any one know what these little dudes are? I don't think they are bothering my roaches. thanks! This looks like an awesome forum!
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