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  1. Welcome. Glad to hear you're enjoying your lobsters. Just wait till you get one of the really nice pet species!

    Well, hey, I'm back. I did eventually get rid of my entire lobster roach colony----gave them to a friend. I was too paranoid that they would infest my apartment! They are prolific breeders!!!! Fast and can climb very well, as you all prolly know. I switched to blaptic dubia and got a couple of hissers. I love both of these species and have enjoyed raising them tremendously. !!!

    Looking forward to more activity with this roachy forum.

  2. I found one just like this the other day. Looks the same with crinkled wings. I thought that maybe the humidity wasn't high enough in the colony, but after misting and a few days later I took another look at him / her. Exact body of a female, just w wings. I'll post picts soon.

    Oh NO....these are a mutant strain of dubia in reaction to evolution of captivity. They could be very very dangerous.


    very strange.

    it does look like a deformed male to me, though.

  3. i had to make it look fairy nice because they are in out living room with all our other pets. :)

    I keep my hissers in an aquarium in my living room, too. The are in the space of my

    'entertainment center' precisely where the TV should be. ha HA I love them.

    Hissers are nocturnal and this can make it seem like they never eat--------especially if you have a small amount of them.

  4. I was thinking of painting the outsides of the back and sides of my 10 gal Dubia tank (just a standard aquarium) black so that less light would get in and I didn't have to mess with taping or glueing stuff to the tank. If I leave them in the tank when I paint it I'm worried that the fumes might harm or even kill them. Is there a brand/type of paint I could use that would be safe? Like I said I'm only painting the outsides. I don't have an extra tank to put them in at the moment but I'll wait and get one if it means not harming them...Just wondering

    I don't think I'd paint it because you'd need a water based paint that's not so toxic---acrylic---BUT acrylic won't stick to glass. Catch 22.

  5. Thanks...I've had them for like 2 weeks so still figuring out what works and what doesn't..can't wait to see my first Nymphs..bought 100 to start a colony with and haven't fed any to my T's yet.

    Very cool. Good luck with your soon to arrive babies!

    I have lobster roaches and feed them dry dog food---oats----bread----

    They seem to really enjoy small slices of banana----cut in half and and then take half of that and slice down the middle---when I do that the roaches climb all over the exposed fruit and chow down.

    They also really dig blackberries.

  6. Your lobsters would be fine. He means that on a large scale, one species will eventually outcompete the other for food and such. But with just two hissers, you shouldn't have much of a problem as Orin already mentioned.

    I'd be curious to hear what happens. Lobsters are very territorial-----I've actually seen some of the roaches guard and fight off others away from the food. Anybody else witness this? They display by raising their wings which seems to me a sign of dominance. I wonder how they would react to a couple of larger roaches coming into their 'community'.

    Keep us posted!

  7. ....they may be beetle larvae, not centipedes....

    I guess the little centepide-looking-creepy-crawlies are something of a cleanup bug that many cricket breeders use to 'clean up' after crix?? They aren't beetles-----and they do reproduce. I'll try to get pics. of the little buggers.

  8. I am establishing a lobster roach colony and I've been noticing these little centipede-like creatures that are breeding as well in my enclosures. Any one know what these little dudes are? I don't think they are bothering my roaches.


    This looks like an awesome forum!

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