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  1. it stays out. looks like half of it fell off. I'm scared to try and tug or push. Otherwise, the 5 roaches seem okay, just Sophie has the half sack. Another of the females (ludmela) is acting a little funny, hope she can (or is about to) produce babies. She's pacing and arched all day. I was looking forward to nymphs.
  2. yeah, she did drop them and nothing came out. it's been eaten by now. I'm just still worried about this sack still hanging out of her. It was plump yesterday and now looks dry and deflated. :/
  3. She dropped what I suspect is the ootheca (looks like the inside of a yellow grapefruit) and the only other experience I've had with breeding she'd had her babies when she dropped that. How long will this yellow/white sack be out? Should it be drying a bit? I tried misting near her to make her comfortable. She's eating and moving fine otherwise. They stay 75 temp(low I know, but the heater just seems to not put much out and a bigger one wouldn't fit) and humidity is 80 and sometimes 85. They have enough food to fill a fruit and salad bar.
  4. Mambo


    I'm fairly new, I'm a bit shy. made my first post already in the breeding section. I have Hissers and discoids as well as millipedes (african and chocolate). Just wanted to say hello.
  5. I'm fairly new here, but not to roaches. This is Sophie (not sure how many people name them here) and this is my second time trying to breed hissers ever. She expelled two eggsacks and I thought she had a third she was pushing out. It looks very different though. It was white but has yellowed. I'm worried about her a bit. I took photos, sorry they're not great. my camera is horrible for close ups. Anyone know what this is?
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