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  1. yeah that looks alot like my culture,it has always been that way.

    in my enclosures i use coco peat about an inch deep,i water once a week(when i feed)

    and it drys thoroughly before i feed again.

    i use a heat mat underneath.

    i didn't used to but have found they seem to reproduce much better with one.

    i use a thermostat set at 85.

    i think i will try out seperating the dark morphs and see if they have all dark babies.

    would be interesting.


  2. No, it just has a lot of extra pigment. Blaberus giganteus sometimes have large dark markings on the pronotum like that. It would be neat to try to breed an all black Archimandrita.

    quite a few of them have a much darker appearance.

    they are one of my faves,love the extra large nymphs


  3. I have alot of different roaches and i didn't used to grind.Until i read on some forums that people did.I have to say i go through alot more grinding,if this is any indication of consumption i would say they eat more when ground.


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