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  1. Yeah, Me too...that would be really interesting.
  2. I was thinking it could also be because this new brand of Dogfood is also larger chunks than the one I was feeding them before
  3. It's called Ol' Roy...I just bought it cause it was the cheapest bag on the shelf...I think the main reason they liked it so much was cause it was something different..and it was freshly opened and smelled a lot more than the older stuff I'd been feeding them.
  4. Interesting behavior...they really are interesting creatures, not quite sure when they quit being just feeders and became pets LOL
  5. I was amazed ...never saw or heard of anything like that, I had the camera today so of course they didn't do it LOL
  6. I just witnessed the most interesting thing this morning while feeding my Dubias ...I threw in several chunks of a new brand of dry dogfood (to see if they liked it or not) and a bunch of the adults all tried to grab this one piece at once and actually formed an almost perfect tight sphere of roaches around it and were rolling in the substrate like a tennis ball on a court...I wish I'd of thought to take a pict...I'll have my camera on hand next feeding time...Facinating
  7. I'll try the red wigglers but only a few this time
  8. I added a tub (20) of nightcrawlers to my Dubias enclosure and it turned out badly...they all died and left a rotting stink in there...I'm still harvesting mealworms all the time though.
  9. Yeah there is about a half inch of potting soil..I have them in a plastic tuperware type tub of about 4-5gal and there is a ring of small holes drilled all the way around the top edge and the lid has holes drilled all around the edge and a line down the middle of it too..I must have too much moisture in it cause this morning I saw a patch of mold right next to the food dish where they dumped gran onto the topsoil...I'll back off with the misting..also there is a water dish with marbles in there too...there are 5 large adults and a dozen or so newlyborn nymphs in there right now.
  10. Yeah I heard they do well on just dry dogfood with grains and fruits/veggies like most other captive bred species of roachs...but this is just hearsay as I have yet to procure any myself...
  11. I've been seriously concidering on getting a few of this species...anybody know where I can find a really good caresheet for Rhino's?
  12. Okay, Cool...I'm gonna do a real light misting like twice a day
  13. Okay one of my Hissers just gave birth yesterday, my first Hisser nymphs ...Looks like 12-15 Nymphs and I was wondering, Ralph said you have to keep the babies really humid...how long do you need to keep misting them alot?...weeks?...Months?.....What????
  14. Yeah...that's probably a good idea...I want the two seperate species as colonies...might one day after I get them both established try it under controled conditions just to see the outcome, but they will be kept seperate from the others...
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