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  1. Thanks Ralph, your quick ID led me to a lot of useful info. In what sense does they become dangerous?
  2. Hi all, its been a long time since my last post. I hope you guys don't mind to help me elevate my little knowledge about this bug. Its quite rare (as claimed by the locals) and it's used in traditional medication. Thanks in advance.
  3. My cousin got this roach and pass it to me. I greatly appreciate if anyone could help me to identify the species. Thanks.
  4. Neat and nice arrangement. How I wish I get my own inverts room like you.
  5. More pics of these roach. One dead specimen.
  6. Thanks Yamai. Its hard to find less known roach pic on the net. I'll post more pic of Homalosilpha sp. when I got my PC. Busy with school and examination at the moment.
  7. That is a very big collection for a person who just start keeping it for a year. I wonder how much it will be after 3-5 years, maybe you'll have half of the species around the world.
  8. Sure it is, perfect combination of black and white. I have no idea whether its from Periplaneta genus or not, but size wise I think it is. Anyone?
  9. Thanks Yes, could not find any info on this beauty. The female with ootheca is smaller than a centimeter if my memory serve me right.As for possible Epilamprinae pseudophoraspis, what do they eat? Here is another one, climber and non odor (at the moment): Adult Nymphs (or female), I don't know.
  10. Hi WJSTLL, Yes,I'm a Muslim. The bigger roaches I have encounter so far is P.angustipennis angustipennis, most of the roaches are medium to small in size here.
  11. This one got "face" on its body Found this while going to breakfast, unfortunately its dead. Upper body Lower body Head I don't know what the name is, but this "thing" is a burrower. That all for this post.Thanks a lot.
  12. Here are 2 roaches sp. for you to ID Thanks for your time.
  13. Thanks Matt, Sure I will, hope you guys can help me to ID them.
  14. Salam sejahtera everyone! I'm Juraij and I've been interested in roaches for quite a while. I've been introduced to this forum by my close friend Rafiq. I'm sorry if I'm not really active in posting. However, I'll seriously active in reading post. Currently raising 20 B.Dubias and 10 little E. Prosticus as feeders to my tarantulas and scorpions. Really hope to add new roaches sp. to my collection. I hope I can gain some knowledge and information from all the experts here. Especially In ID'ing Malaysia local bugs/roaches. Regards. Juraij.
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