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  1. @ Orin: Thanks! 20-30 is pretty good size for ootheca of only 1/4 in!! @Effeci: Thank you! i am keeping the room around 85F/day and 75F/night, 30-45 days is about the same duration for praying mantis ootheca to hatch too, cool! The roach ootheca appear to be very large in comparison to the size of that adult female roach @Matt: i don't want to mist the roach culture, will add more vegi and fruits, also water jelly to help increase the humidity. Thanks for the humidity tips!
  2. Could anyone here share a pic of B. lateralis egg case? How big do they get? How long does it take to hatch? and how many hatched out? Sorry i know this is not a glamorous species to photograph and apologize if this question been asked before. Thanks in advance.
  3. Thanks for the welcome Peter and Bricktop. That's a little over-rated Peter i just happened to breed many species of praying mantis Thanks for the kind introduction nevertheless Nice roach pics on the gallery!!
  4. Howdy everyone! I am Yen from Houston Texas. I have only dealed with lobster roach before as feeders to my praying mantis. But i have seen many different types of roaches in the insect zoo. Hope to see some wonderful species here. Have a great day everyone!
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