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  1. I'm getting a couple of hissers and i'm going to keep them in a plastic faunarium tank. Like this one: but when the female gives birth the nymphs will escape out of the top right? So can you tell if they are going to give birth? then i'll put it in a shoe box or something.
  2. I live in the UK so its quite hard to get different roach species. All I got at the moment is Dubias. I found a site in the UK which sells Hissers, Deaths head cockroaches(but they dont have black wings so i think they are discoids), Cuban roaches and Blaberus Giganteus.
  3. how many of them would I need to start a small pet colony?
  4. hm... do Blaberus Giganteus climb? I might start a colony of them instead
  5. I have a small clear plastic tank with a ventilated top i think it would be too small though. how good do they climb?
  6. I'm thinking of buying some madagascan hissing roaches from my local pet store, do they do ok in rubbermaid containers? I want to make a small colony. also how many do I need to start a small colony. thanks, Jimbe
  7. thanks, my nymphs are quite big and I can see the last segment pretty easily most of my roaches are male hope fully I will have more females with my other roaches I ordered
  8. I want to know because in my small colony of dubias i only have one female so far and the rest of the adults are males and i have some nymphs. I'm getting some more dubias soon to increase the colony size
  9. could you selectively breed a roach to look completly different and name it after you?
  10. hi i'm Jimbe and I have a gecko a snake and I will soon have a bearded dragon, As I hate crickets i'm switching to roaches as a feeder. I'm quite interested in roaches and i'm getting some adult dubias, i'm gonna breed them. How good can they climb? can they climb carboard boxes? I have a plastic tank i'm gonna keep 'em in but when its gets over-crowded can I keep some in shoeboxes?? do they eat BugGrub? ~Jimbe
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