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  1. Alright since I'm new to this whole Roach board I've gotta say... There are a ton of fantastic looking roaches out there. I knew that there were many, many species of Roach but some of the photos are ridiculous. Awesome little dudes in my book. Too bad people focus on the few "bad apples" of this species of insect. Anyway I am a man of many questions and in all seriousness I believe that's why I've had the success w/ my 2 favorite hobbies. Reptile husbandry & Fish & Aquatic plant husbandry. My favorite tanks are saltwater and in my opinion nothing beats a thriving reef tank. However this is my first attempt w/ insects and though I know keeping B. Dubia is a simpler task than keeping other species I've had nothing less than a blast w/ them and best of all they are thriving and growing. So here's my "mathmatical question". BTW before that, I'm personally breeding these as feeders for the assortment of Lizards that my partner and I have/intend on breeding. However people within my own little community have inquired about the B. Dubia and we're quickly spreading the word about them. We are picking up clients rapidly but also telling them not to wait for us and to get on the internet since there are many reputable breeders out there. How do I go about properly breeding a self sustaining colony where I can rotate nymphs into adults and still have plenty for my lizards and other customers? I have 1,500 nymphs that are turning into adults daily. I'm guessing w/ a good amount of females there's a good turnover. Especially if they're having babies every 4-6 weeks like I've been reading about. Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, -Ian
  2. Good point on that Matt. Didn't even think of that possibility. I'm guessing on that depending on the amount of females that I have, than I would probably have to collect nymphs more frequently. I've got 1,500 nymphs that have just started molting their final molt on a daily basis. I've picked out 56 adults in one week. Probably going to be speeding up within the month as well. The adults have been transfered into a 35 gallon tub. I want to upgrade to the 54 gallon tubs when I find the ones that I like. I'm hoping I can pull anywhere between 400-700 females in the first batch of 1,000. Then I have the nursery tub w/ the other 500 babies. So hopefully I get another couple hundred out of that. BTW anyone know what the actual lifespan on B. Dubia are? I've heard that the males only last about 6 months before they are spent. I've also heard that the females live around 1 to 1.5 years. Been going by the literature on the internet. Any experienced Dubia keepers could probably set this issue straight though. Thanks, -Ian
  3. I read some old posts on other boards that too much Calcium is bad for certain species of Roaches. If so what species? I think the thread had something to do w/ feeding them cricket feed since Crickets do need calcium. Just something that I've read and was wondering about. -Ian
  4. So how often do you guys think that I should be harvesting the nymphs? Someone told me this about their discoid colony, and mind you this is the only time I've ever heard of this. He told me that he staggers cleaning and invading to get nymphs out as one of his colonies have stopped producing nymphs. Not sure what to make of this as I wouldn't think that something like that would trigger a reaction from a colony. Maybe there was another variable but he blames the invasions since Discoids are a little more high strung. I do know that Dubias really seem to careless if you are in their tub changing food, water, cleaning or pulling the adults out. They just sorta go about their business. -Ian
  5. When up and running smoothly I'll get someone to help me take some video and post it for you guys. -Ian
  6. When up and running smoothly I'll get someone to help me take some video and post it for you guys. -Ian
  7. Thanks for the responses guys. Matt, I'm in the U.S. I've seen a few different ways to collect the nymphs. Both methods that you guys describe I have read about and think that they are great methods. I did just find a person on youtube who lives in Germany that empties his colony once a week into a bin w/ holes and the nymphs literally poured out. He then transfers them to another bin, so on and so forth. I guess he cuts large enough holes and just gets it done in one shot. The method that you guys speak of is more of a trickle method that I really like. Not quite sure which one I'll try if I don't try both. Don't know if I'd do this w/ Discoids or other more "shy" species of roach but for the Dubia that guy on youtube like I said had them literally pouring out of the bin. Here's the vid -Ian
  8. What's up guys I'm new on here. My bud and I are going to be breeding some snake and lizard species very soon. I've also wanted to get into breeding feeders as well. We're focused on B. Dubia right now. A: we'll need some for our own animals. B: we've already got some clients who will gladly buy LARGE lots of Dubia Roaches off us. Which will fund our other scaley investments. So I got 1,500 roaches from 3 different people online. I won't mention any names but one of them was far superior in quality, shipping and customer service. I'm new to keeping Roaches but I have a wealth of study into them and feel very comfortable keeping them. Here's my set up 3 - 22 gallon bins w/ 500 nymphs in each sorted to size. 2 of the bins are holding med to sub adults the other is the nursery for all the "pinners" that were shipped. All 3 sellers shipped me pinners w/ their orders. Sorta pissed me off because it takes a while to grow them and I specifically asked for no pinners and no adults, which was agreed to by 2 of the 3 sellers but that's beside the point. They have a constant supply of Roach Feed, Water Crystals, and fruits and veggies. I made the roach feed myself, and they've been eating everything from Baby Carrots, collared greens to apples, pears and oranges. This may sound crazy to offer them fresh food all the time but I'm a little obsessive w/ producing the best roaches out there as I want our lizards to be primo. Anyway these suckers have been growing at an astonshing rate w/ minimal deaths (most came a week after shipping. I've had them for 1.5 months and only lost 15 roaches!) They started popping about 3 days ago and I've gotten 14 males and 6 females. All I could find is a 35 gallon tub so I've been transfering the adults daily and keeping a log as I will feed off the excess males to a couple of our mascots. I plan on keeping a 3/1 ratio of females to males. All my settings are correct and these things are doing great! I just witnessed a couple of them mating about 1/2 an hour ago. So this is my question. What is the best way to collect the nymphs? We aren't talking about a project yielding a few thousand roaches. We're planning on breeding in excess of a million which will take a little while to get going but I think we can accomplish w/ ease and patience and then who the heck knows how many from there. Also how important is getting different bloodlines w/ roaches. This seems to be a grey area. I started w/ 1,500 of them to get the feel. Now we're looking at purchasing another 10,000 to jump start a couple super colonies. Figured I'd give you guys the whole story since this is my first time communicating w/ all of you. I've been reading this forum for a few months and really dig all the great people and great info. However my main question is the collection of nymphs. How often and the most efficient way. I don't want to be picking thru tons of roaches and disturbing them any more than I have to. Thanks for any info! -Ian
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