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  1. Over the years my feeder roach business (The Roach Ranch) has enabled me to talk to countless amounts of people who enjoy animals as much as I do on a daily basis. One of the frequent questions I field from people day to day "Is this ALL you do for a living?" The short answer is yes, but the real answer is that The Roach Ranch has been an integral part to allow me to do what I really love, and that is play guitar. When I'm not roach ranching I play guitar in the nationally touring Rock band out of Providence, Rhode Island PISTOL SHOT GYPSY. We've had the chance to tour most of the country a few times over and have done opening stints for Buckcherry, Chevelle, Saving Abel, Finger 11, Days of The New, Skid Row, Slash, and a fantastic guitarist who you may or may not know and fellow New Englander Gary Hoey . My favorite times on the road are when I get to meet people I interact w/ online within the Reptile/Arachnid industry face to face at some of my gigs around the country. It never gets old and people always seem to step it up and blow me away by how nice they are.

    I'm very proud of what PISTOL SHOT GYPSY has accomplished so far and I'm very excited to announce that we've just dropped our new website which can be found at www.pistolshotgypsy.com and you can find us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/pistolshotgypsy (we love FB). If you're into Rock N' Roll I invite you to check us out and explore the other side of what I do besides The Roach Ranch. BTW you can hear our music in full under the media/discography section on our site. If you like what you hear feel free to sign up on our e-mail list and receive an MP3 of our newest single "Luv Junky" mailed directly to your inbox. Our management agreed to release this to our fans for the bubble and we hope you guys dig it as much as we enjoy playing it night to night out on the road.

    One heads up about PSG. I would categorize us as a PG-13 band. We're an honest to goodness Rock band and some the subject matter in our music tackles the woes of our surroundings. I also write our blog and sometimes I use adult language in them. Just wanted to mention this as here on the forums we tend to keep it family oriented.

    On a final note, playing in a band you'e gotta shamelessly self promote yourself in order to survive. In a recent article the writer titled it "PISTOL SHOT GYPSY - Rock N' Roll for the people, by the people" and we couldn't have said it any better ourselves. If you dig the band feel free to spread our music far and wide. Rip it, burn it, trade it, get it out there anyway you see fit. We've turned down labels to keep control of our music so that our fans can be part of our band. Any and all success we've had to this point in time is due to our fanbase. We're pretty dam proud of that and can't thank them enough!


  2. Alright bear w/ me for a second. I posted something similar to this thread a while back but am looking for someone to walk me thru the steps to shipping a lot of roaches. I am sending my friend 450 male dubia. How would I package these correctly for winter travel? I'm going to get some 72 hour heat paks and send this package 2-3 day priority. I'm figuring it's going to have to be a box inside a box w/ newspaper tightly packed around the inside box. Where do I tape the heat paks and how many should I use? Maybe chuck in a carrot for some road food etc.

    If I'm way off on my packing scheme than I'm all ears.

    Thanks again for any help guys!


  3. Alright this may be a bit of a dumb question but I wanted to make sure of it before I proceed removing the nymphs. My adult Dubia colony so far has about 400+ females and 130+ males in it right now. Needless to say I'm starting to get a ton of nymphs. I wanted to remove them within the week to make room for more nymphs over the next month. Is it cool to do this? My understanding is once they are born they are on their own and I could remove them whenever I wanted. Is this a true statement? I'm probably going to move some frass into the new container for them as well.

    What do you guys think?



  4. Hey guys what's the best way to ship roaches? I've had them come in the 32 oz. Deli Cups w/ vented lids which were nice and easy on the transfer to their tubs. AND I've had them come "loose" in a taped up box.... Not my favorite way to recieve them. I'm just trying to find the pros and cons because I'm going to be shipping some over to my buddy. Also I'm probably going to ship within a month so it's gonna be a bit chilly. How do I pack the heaters properly?



  5. Matt, I'm really getting to like reading your responses here on the forums more and more. You take what is said, think about it and return w/ a volley of legitimate proportion. And though playing devils advocate isn't going to get one the glory. It may solve problems within communities down the line.

    You are absolutely right. We talk a good game but when it comes right down to it no one has an alternative solution to the problem. You did mention banning together and I recently heard an interview on Reptile radio w/ my bud Kev McCurley from NERD up my way in NH and he suggested the same exact idea you just did. Setting a plan like that in motion would take a lot of tenacity on the little guys parts. Namely us!

    As for the last statement. I like throwing that out there to jostle things up a bit. Though I truly believe someone, somewhere made a HUGE mistake that day. I'm from Massachusetts and it sorta hit home when I heard that a couple from the next town over from me (North Attleboro) was on one of those planes. I didn't know them but they lived like next door to me. Anyway to save the thread and get it back on track. I'm not a conspiracy theorist or someone who hates America. I love America but don't trust a soul in the US government as far as I can throw them. The whole 9/11 episode for me leaves me a bitter taste w/ our government and if I could I'd throw it back in their face every chance I got. Plus don't think that I judge all Muslims just because of a few "Bad Apples". No religion promotes violence and killing innocent people.

    Alright back on track w/ this topic! Sorry to open that can o' worms.


  6. Actually that helps a lot Matt. I was under the impression that the frass is good for Dubia because they like to burrow and the nymphs sometimes eat it. As for the cleaning issue I was going to sort of wing it and do exactly like you said. See how much waste they make and how fast it adds up. Figured I'd learn on the fly. And I never understood why you'd change the egg crates? I didn't know that they'd actually eat them. But than again, why wouldn't they? They recycle their surroundings in the wild... Why not in the tub?

    Thanks again,


  7. Alright I've heard about 10 different things about maintaining my Dubia colony and I'm rather confused. Although I'm guessing that there's not only one right way..

    Here we go.

    How often should I clean my tubs? (I've heard anywhere from every couple weeks to 3 times a year.)

    How often should I change my Egg Crates?

    I'm using 35 gallon tubs to hold my adults and 22 gallon Tubs for my nymphs.

    Is there a way to figure out how many adults I should be keeping in 35 gallon tubs w/o overcrowding?

    As for my nymphs I started w/ 500 in each of my 22 gallon tubs w/ no problems so far.

    Thanks for any light you guys can shed on this subject for me.


  8. It is a very complicated issue to deal with from either side. There are a LOT of bad apples that spoil it all for the rest of us, so the regulations are to accomodate them. Rules are a little in the grey area and require understanding that is diffucult to put into language that can be posted without some knucklehead taking something out of context and then the government legal branch that wrote it becomes liable for all sorts of things.

    It's like a 15 inch hairball in a 2 inch drain....

    But genrealy speaking, all the rules are posted on the governments website.....

    I was just going over this w/ some people on one of my snake forums. Florida for instance has strict rules regarding the ownership of many species of reptiles. The problem w/ setting up these rules and regulations is the simple fact that the bad apples don't care. They are still going to be doing what they do regardless of the penalties. All the rest of the people such as Mikee who want to do it right suffer for absolutely nothing.

    In all honesty the people watching this site and others like it on the internet put way too much time into nailing down where the next rogue shipment of roaches are coming from. Probably a good reason why a bunch of terrorists just waltzed into a couple airports, hi jacked 4 planes, and flew them into a few buildings killing thousands of innocent people. But at least no one was shipping roaches illegally that day!


  9. So, besides being food for other creatures... what role DO cockroaches play in the world? I know it is broad considering all of the different ones, but it is just one of those puzzling newbie questions. :mellow:

    They are basically the earths recyclers. All that vegetation that falls in the Rain Forest... Taken care of by roaches. And then an animal comes along and eats the roach and so on and so forth. W/O roaches many tropical rain forests would be in more trouble than they already are. So cheers to the six legged ones!


  10. I've had my first 100 Dubia turn into adults (Actually 102). It took about 2 weeks as the nymphs are still growing w/ another 1,400 to wait on. The numbers came out to 61 males and 41 females which I'm happy about. Gonna feed off some of the males. But I found this number interesting. It's almost a 2/1 ratio of males to females.

    Gonna be interested on how the next couple hundred go because I have a theory. Unlike other lifeforms such as mammals which take a long time to reproduce, roaches reproduce astonishingly fast. Do you think that it's natures way to keep the populations under control? As for mammals I know that there are usually more females than males. I think humans are 3/1 ratio w/ girls to boys. Maybe I'm just reading into it too much but these kind of things really get me thinking. I like to try to figure stuff out and chuck my theories out there.


  11. Interesting... I originally thought that there were something within the 4,000 range but a few people told me under 1000! I absolutely did not believe this and wanted to get to the bottom of it. As for being pests 12-50 has been the answer from most people. The top 6 are exactly as you guys specified but as Darren said there are a few more that haven't really come into contact w/ humans but exhibit the traits of being able to adapt.

    Here's a cool fact that you may or may not know and I don't think any living creature other than humans adheres to this more than cockroaches. It's Darwins Theory. Everyone has heard of "The Survival of the Fittest" right? Well what is never printed and more important than that quote is what he wrote after this statement. It states. "It's not about the healthiest, or most intelligent species. It's about the species that can adapt to its surroundings." I found that VERY insightful and I really can't think of too many creatures on this earth other than the Cockroach that personifies this. An unbelievable creature that is STILL to this day very misunderstood. More so than that. These little guys are ESSENTIAL to some of the Earths most delicate eco-systems and for that I give them 2 thumbs up!


  12. Pretty much all of the dealers with websites do not have permits.

    Permits are difficult if not impossible to acquire.

    It's funny that you say this because I ordered 3 batches from 3 different online sites. The only one that came w/ markings other than fragile on their box was Blaberus.com. Which by the way were the best roaches by far! They were a little on the small side but healthy and fat. I'm guessing that I have a better shot at getting a liquor license than a permit to sell any kind of animal.

    Thanks for the info Matt.


  13. I'm not sure I understand the question, but it seems your colony is thriving already?

    I would take another colony that I would not harvest from for the next 9 months, and a second that I would not harvest from for 6 months. This will give you constant rotational relief, so no colony is depleted.

    Have we established that the nymphs are produced every four to six weeks?

    How often will a female breed annually?

    What size clutch does B. dubia produce?

    Can the nymphs be removed from the adults immediately, and if not, when is it same to do so?

    I think if these questions can be answered by the experts here, you (and I!) will be up and running! ;)

    You are right on track w/ my question and yes my colony is doing better than I planned for. I want to know when to save them & rotate them. I'm more concerned about getting them to a super colony over time. I know that I'll be selling some and feeding some but the key is going to be preserving the colony and not only that growing it to larger numbers as well. You've got my mind thinking on that math equation I'm talking about.

    I'm thinking that the first harvest of nymphs .... save. Then skip a month or two's harvest and save another batch. So on and so forth. W/ the amount of females I should have this should blow up quickly to big numbers.

    I'll take a stab at these questions just because I like quizzes on knowledge, so correct me if I'm wrong.

    How often will a female breed annually?

    If I've done my math right w/ how many times they breed in their lifetime than it's right around 7-9?

    How big are their clutches?

    20-30 w/ some getting as many as 40

    Can nymphs be removed from adults immediatly?


    Hope that your colony is kickin' butt too.



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