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  1. Thank you, for the information. Do you feel it is safe to use P.pruinosus as a clean up species in centipede and scorpion tanks?
  2. I keep Porcellionides pruinosus and Porcellio spp. Can they hybridize?
  3. @Bamboo I feed them to Latrodectus spp.
  4. I don't keep sticks personally but have friends that do. Nymphs are very susceptible to dehydration.
  5. I can remember catching assassin bugs 30 odd years ago - when I was growing up in Ocala, Florida. I would catch them and throw them in the air to see if they would fly. Needless to say, I got nailed sometimes in the process. The feeling was the most memorable "stabbing" pain of all the bugs that nailed me as a kid. It was on the same level of pain as the fuzzy buzzy "cattle killers" but, weirdly different. The species you keep has such amazing color. I love the progressive display toward imago. Nature gives us so many gifts to admire. Thanks for the great pics. It'd be cool to see updates on y
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