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  1. Thank you, for the information. Do you feel it is safe to use P.pruinosus as a clean up species in centipede and scorpion tanks?
  2. I keep Porcellionides pruinosus and Porcellio spp. Can they hybridize?
  3. @Bamboo I feed them to Latrodectus spp.
  4. I don't keep sticks personally but have friends that do. Nymphs are very susceptible to dehydration.
  5. I can remember catching assassin bugs 30 odd years ago - when I was growing up in Ocala, Florida. I would catch them and throw them in the air to see if they would fly. Needless to say, I got nailed sometimes in the process. The feeling was the most memorable "stabbing" pain of all the bugs that nailed me as a kid. It was on the same level of pain as the fuzzy buzzy "cattle killers" but, weirdly different. The species you keep has such amazing color. I love the progressive display toward imago. Nature gives us so many gifts to admire. Thanks for the great pics. It'd be cool to see updates on your progress. Either way, thanks agin for sharing and good luck with them.
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