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    Dermestid Beetles,Social and Solitary wasps,bees and hornets.Ants/termites.

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  1. Sounds nice can't wait to see you on the forum.
  2. I thought i'd reply with an update The forum now has: 22 Members 698 posts 2 Admins http://dermestids.lefora.com
  3. Wow i wish my dermestids would populate a container like that! BTW have you decided to cull off the colony or is it still running? You should be able to use them as wasp food look meatier then crickets.
  4. So sorry long overdue update i have 100+ in my colony now and they are eating great!
  5. Attangenus unicolor works well small and easy to find in Canada got around 30 how many do you guys have?
  6. http://dermestids.lefora.com/ So what do you guys think? I think it's doing a ton load better then the other forum I "Had". Hopefully this one doesn't do anything stupid. It has a lot of members and a ton of posts for only being up for less then 1 month. 12 members 400+ posts Slowly making our way to 1000!
  7. Hmm so the hornier they are the better?
  8. Now i know why they are related to termites looks like a baby cricket in a way as well.
  9. Lost my whole colony and now only have 40+.
  10. I swear these things,once bred to a certian point just explode in population have 90 of them now.
  11. Wow. My larders eat fish flakes like its candy. can you post some pictures?
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