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  1. Sounds nice can't wait to see you on the forum.
  2. I thought i'd reply with an update The forum now has: 22 Members 698 posts 2 Admins http://dermestids.lefora.com
  3. Wow i wish my dermestids would populate a container like that! BTW have you decided to cull off the colony or is it still running? You should be able to use them as wasp food look meatier then crickets.
  4. So sorry long overdue update i have 100+ in my colony now and they are eating great!
  5. Attangenus unicolor works well small and easy to find in Canada got around 30 how many do you guys have?
  6. http://dermestids.lefora.com/ So what do you guys think? I think it's doing a ton load better then the other forum I "Had". Hopefully this one doesn't do anything stupid. It has a lot of members and a ton of posts for only being up for less then 1 month. 12 members 400+ posts Slowly making our way to 1000!
  7. Hmm so the hornier they are the better?
  8. Now i know why they are related to termites looks like a baby cricket in a way as well.
  9. Lost my whole colony and now only have 40+.
  10. I swear these things,once bred to a certian point just explode in population have 90 of them now.
  11. Wow. My larders eat fish flakes like its candy. can you post some pictures?
  12. Trust me d lardarius is soo damn common here i could find 1000+ in my house. I have a colony of lardarius at about 50+ they breed quite slow at the start[depends on how many you start with i started with four on Jan 25 and now have well over 50+.] With one gravid female you could propably get more then i did see i didn't know how to properly keep d lardarius at the start. Water[a little squirt or mist] helps with the egg production. Thus more larvae hatch[which for some reason my larvae started out as these orange dudes that are slow then now they are really dark and run like mad and eat 10% more.] what do you plan to feed your new colonies? I feed mine fish flakes,dog food,catfood and sometimes meat. Mine are ment to eat dead mealworms and stuff.
  13. Lol i just got my first beetle frenzy sorta small but they are breeding should have a larvae frenzy soon.Have 50 now.Kool how they all started from about four adults and a few larvae.
  14. not with roaches but with other insects i've had days like that.
  15. http://wormcompostingforum.myfreeforum.org/index.php Its a forum all about vermicomposting.Or the art of composting with worms.The forum has been doing great and isn't even a month old yet.
  16. Oh that.I was editing the site.Try now.
  17. http://isopods.weebly.com/ Well i'm happy to report i got my isopod website/blog up and running.I hope this helps many people and if you have any suggestions on experiments i'm open to hear them.Thanks!
  18. LOL i ment like breed them as feeders or have two colonies one for pets and the other as feeders.
  19. Nice pics,what do you plan to do with them?Feed them to wasps?Or ants?
  20. I'm a canadain but don't keep roaches mum won't allow it in her house!
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