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  1. Thanks guys Part of the thrill is catching them myself, though I do typically catch and release since I don't want to introduce them to my colony in case they have insecticide or something on them. I'm just mainly out to get photos at this point I do think we'll be spending more time in Key Largo, since I've only gotten to see they Keys at night!
  2. I figured an invasive species of insect is different? Esp. since I'm not leaving the state. I was mostly thinking the Keys area.
  3. I'm going to the Keys for my birthday on the 21st, and am hoping to catch some banana roaches and other species. Any tips on optimizing my success? Best places to look, best time to search, etc.? I know they're drawn to light and fruit. I'm also hoping to grab some more skunk roaches, which I have found mainly in leaf litter around trees and on or around the trunks of trees at night. I'm super excited. Thanks for any tips!
  4. Currently excited to go to the Keys to find banana roaches

  5. Wow, really? Thank you! I wish I had something better than a digital cam to work with, but I try
  6. Ghost in the fog... a spooky white-eyed American cockroach after molting. ...A little later... A nymph: And some feeding (this image was when I kept both black eyed and white eyed p. americana in the garage. Sometimes nymphs of the black eyed variety would sneak in, and I didn't want them cross-breeding, so I don't keep them anymore.):
  7. I've kept them for about 6 years now and keep finding more around my house, friends' houses, parks etc. It seems that sometimes the nymphs decrease in number as they get older, perhaps they cannibalize or escape, I can't figure it out, but few reach adulthood. Perhaps they need a larger container? They love oak leaves, I can almost always find dozens hiding around oak trees here. I notice they also seem to do better in dryer habitats and I find them mostly in dry, but dark areas. I also adore their chemical defense odor... probably one of my favorite smells! But man it stinks like nothing else after they die...
  8. So lovely. And though I've read they're smaller than the typical p. americana, they seem to be just about as big as my other non-white eyed. Also, has anyone found out for sure what causes this mutation? I've only read that it's a natural occurrence. I love them SO much, they look so ghostly and beautiful! I may be strange for this, but p. americana has a special place in my heart. They are one of the most simplistically beautiful roaches in my opinion.
  9. It's awesome to finally have a name for both these species! They were some of the few I have saved in my folder titled "mystery roaches". Most of the ones I have there are from Costa Rica or Malaysia. These are very lovely.
  10. "...but there is just no substitute for actual experience." I fully agree with this
  11. Gorgeous millipedes! Also, I was told to be careful hunting in Florida. Their gov't is pretty non-specific about where they wage their war on mosquitoes; the local reptile shows discourage the use of found insects as feeders because of excessive public/private pesticide run off ending up in water sources well away from the treatment site.
  12. Wow, it's interesting to hear that about wing biting. My orange heads are in a large tank with many hides, but they still would bite down each others' wings almost halfway gone or even practically bare. when I threw in more dog food, the wing biting seemed to have stopped dead in its tracks and now any adults just have mild nibble marks on the edges even though there are WAY more in the tank now than there were pre-dog food feeding. I still feed them pretty much the same amount, I've just added a bit more protein and if anything haven't fed them as much of other things. I know for a fact that they prefer dog food above ANYthing else...
  13. Wow, I'm completely unaware of this phenomenon. Would love to learn more about it.
  14. I definitely agree that different roach colonies have very unique odors that develop over time. I'm especially keen on the o. deusta's mildly cinnamon-like smell, it's almost got a hint of pine cones as well. It would be awesome to compile a list of all the different roaches with distinctive colony smells, as well as defensive smells, too.
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