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  1. What options do I have for population control if they don't make good feeders for anything besides tegus or monitors? Putting them in a jar and then into your freezer overnight would be your most humane option.
  2. If you can't find anybody to give them away to, then putting them into a jar and into the freezer for a few hours is another option.
  3. They've starred in a few X-files episodes.
  4. Mine are often upsidedown in their cardboard tubes. They like the smallest space they can find to hide in.
  5. I've had some minor issues as well. Keeping the population of the colony in check and having the room ventilated helps a lot.
  6. What happens if you crush it? What sort of consistency do you get? Is there a water source available for your roaches? Maybe add some water crystals.
  7. Do they get protein in their diet as well? I feed mine fish food flakes and I've got oodles of nymphs.
  8. I've got one in my little hisser colony as well. I'll post some pictures of it soon.
  9. Going off its name I would've guessed Japan.
  10. Yup, there's actually a bunch more of them but I didn't feel like making 3 dozen hats.
  11. This probably doesn't warrant its own thread but we celebrated my hisser's first birthday not too long ago with festive hats and apple chunks.
  12. "This video contains content from SND, who has blocked it on copyright grounds." Awww
  13. Blam! No more sucking down manure!! http://www.airgas.com/p/STD90005
  14. The excess make for a tasty snack. I think they go best with a little bit of sour creme and salsa.
  15. It depends on the grain size. A very fine grain of silica like what you find in diatomaceous earth would be harmful. A much courser grain size like in sand and gravel probably would be fine.
  16. Try putting them in a food dehydrator? Make some yummy banana chips while you pin!
  17. They're not native are they? If not they may have arrived on some imported plants. There's always the possibility that this species could become invasive if they escape. You should try seeing if you can talk to somebody at the Denver Botanical Garden about them.
  18. It emerged yesterday and we released it this morning. It didn't stay around too long; took only a few minutes to sun itself before taking off. It's got a long journey ahead of it.
  19. There's been a monarch caterpillar hanging out in the milkweed patch in the garden and today it pupated so I thought I'd show it off here.
  20. I've got a few of those hanging out in my Mimosa pudica flower pots.
  21. I've seen one of those before out in the wood. Really weird looking.
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