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  1. Yeah, what Keith said. Probably a moth in the noctuidae family.
  2. It's what they use to climb glass so well. Gecko bugs!
  3. That sounds fun. What happened? I'd probably be more worried about the neighbors finding out about your roach collection in the first place. You could make a trap using a box with a hole cut in it with a little bit of food inside and then check it periodically, but that probably wouldn't catch them all. Maybe something like an open cracker box against the wall. Lay out the glue traps and write off the causalities as the cost of not getting evicted.
  4. I found this randomly while browsing amazon.com http://www.amazon.co.../dp/B0038ZQYRC/
  5. I was recently surprised to find my backyard compost pile to be full of what appears to be Narceus americana millipedes. I never seen them here ever before and it seems that I live about on the edge of their range here in Nebraska so they finally must've crawled their way here. I'm thinking of keeping a handful of them along with some Armadillidiidae pill bugs in the same container. I've got an extra Rubbermaid storage box but I'm concerned about them squeezing out through the lid and escaping. Would the petroleum jelly along the sides trick work to keep them in place? Also, how much ventilation should I provide? I know they need to be somewhat moist. Thanks.
  6. My Madagascar hissers seem to love oranges as well but is it harmful for them to come into contact with the orange oil in the peel? Either from eating the rind or contaminated while peeling it? I give them a slice or two every week but I haven't noticed any dieing/sick yet. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orange_oil#Biological_Pest_Control
  7. That's what I feed my hissers, in addition to various fruits and air popped popcorn. They go crazy over a ripe banana but tend to always gravitate towards the dish with the Flukers in it after a little while.
  8. This is very irresponsible. You should never let loose any unwanted or extra roaches to the environment. Even if they're native species there's always the possibility of introducing a disease that could affect them or other species. This applies to all pets of any kind. If you need to dispose of extra roaches then you should double bag them, put them in the freezer for a couples days, and then put the bag in the trash. Look at the problems Florida is dealing with all the non-native animals in the everglades and elsewhere that were once formally kept as pets.
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