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    Roaches of Course :)
    Currently have 1.3.47 Gromphadorhina portentosa; 1.1.5 Gromphadorhina grandidieri; 1.1.1 Elliptorhina javanica;
    1.1.3 Elliptorhina laevigata; 1.1.3 Gromphadorhina oblongonota
  1. In my expierence its kinda random... I had about 47 nymphs born on Dec 16th, and they all are molting at completely different times... I have some that have molted about 2 or 3 times already and are almost 2 inches long, but then i have a couple that are still newborn size and have not molted at all yet and still have the dark color. I have also been wondering about it as i thought it extremely odd that some are already so big and some are still so small.
  2. No not really u have to be careful when u open a door and make sure they are not hanging out around the hinges. If u take the lid off the only problem i have had is for the slides for the wire all i did was run a piece of black tape all along the back of the lid.
  3. I honestly dont remember all the exact details but they were orangish in color, there were actually pretty small maybe no bigger than an inch, thats about all i remember
  4. yeah i think they were, not like crazy orange but yeah definitely a orange color.
  5. IDK when i was little my dad bought a trailer in Jerome and we had to get it bombed before we moved in cause it was EXTREMELY infested with cockroaches... what kind i have no idea i was like 6 or 7.... but i dont know bud.... What part of Idaho are u in I live in Lewiston.. well right across the river in Clarkston
  6. i have my G. portentosa's in a exo terra terrarium Mini wide (3 adults, 2 sub adults, 2 large nymphs, 40ish new babies) and the only problem i have had is the SLIDES on the lid for wires to go into the tank, i have had to block those off so my newborn nymphs dont get out. But only the new borns got out.
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