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  1. I've created a wiki (freely editable by everyone) to collect the most useful informations about various species normally breeded. If you wish to take a look (and add, modify it) just go to: http://blatte.wikidot.com/english
  2. The member Lucihormetica seems to know something about cuban capturing protocols, but I'm not able to contact him. So if someone knows him/her, please help me in contacting him/her. Thank you.
  3. The trip to Cuba is confirmed. I received an email from member Lucihormetica telling me to contact him, but it seems it's not possible by using the forum. So if it's possible, Lucihormetica please contact me at: paulvern(at)gmail.com or paulvern(at)tiscali.it or msn paulvern(at)hotmail.com Best regards.
  4. Hi there, I was wondering if someone has already got some protocols on how to capture and declare roaches to boundary authorities in countries like Cuba or Kenia. I think some people from the european BCG already use them but I wasn't able to subscribe to the group (it seems my emails don't reach them). I'm particulary interested in how to collect them, how to send them back to my country and how to declare them. I'm planning to go to Cuba on March. I hope you can help me. Best regards, Paolo
  5. You bought them after all! Obviously I hope you'll soon get plenty of them! :-)
  6. Different language, same topic. I'm glad you joined this forum, Franco!
  7. Is this the same Deropeltis referred as Deropeltis sp. "Mombasa" by many breeders?
  8. I've put online a small database about roaches (Blattabase!). It's really simple, basically just the name of the species, the cost to buy some of them and where to buy them. Right now the interface is in italian, but if you feel it's a good idea I could easily translate it. Just try it if you wish at: http://blatte.scienceontheweb.net/index.ph...ble_name=blatte
  9. A small update to the simulation including the sounds from Orin's website when you choose Blaberus as pet. Also I've added a screensaver version of the simulation. Just put it in your system32 directory. Cheers! The download link is already there even if I had not the time to update the site: http://paulvern.newsit.es/madagascar.zip
  10. It's a very primitive simulation. Basically roaches just go randomly around. But I would like to add some sort of real (simulated?) behaviour in the next releases. The code itself took less than three hours of work. The animations (ok, you can't really call those ugly things 'animations') took much more. I would gladly add other sounds if some of you has ever recorded them... Thank you for the appreciation. Now the site is a little bit IE 6 friendly but still doesn't work as it should. However if you use Firefox, everything should be fine.
  11. Sadly my host is terribly slow. I hope they're going to fix it soon. Anyway the download page is: http://paulvern.newsit.es/wordpress/?page_id=3 Gsc, could you please send me your price list to paulvern(at)tiscali.it (just substitute (at) with @)?
  12. Hello there, I'm a new member from Italy. English is not my mother tongue so please forgive my mistakes. Anyway I currently breed just a bunch of roaches: - Gromphadorhina portentosa - Blaptica dubia - Panchlora nivea - Blaberus sp. and some Euscorpius italicus I'm also a begginer programmer and I'm currently trying to write a simulation of roaches behaviour. I'm currently updating my website in order to translate it to English so everything would be more understandable. Anyway, if someone is not afraid by ugly programming, ugly graphics and a mixed italian-english website just have a look at: My site You should be able to download the simulation. And please after that tell me what you would like me to add to it and what you really don't like about it. And, of course, if someone of you want to help, it would be much appreciated. Graphics and code refinement would be the most important tasks. I've got also a very small shop at my website. Just have a look! Best regards to everyone!
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