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  1. I have noticed that they actually prefer wood over a majority of other foods. That being said deepending on what youre using them for you might want to keep this in mind. If they are being used to breed as feeders i would highly advise against it as it wouldnt provide much end nutrients for the animal they are being fed to.
  2. Whats a good male/female ratio to start a colony? Can you have one male to 5 or more females or would more males help promote the desire for mating more frequently? Someone was telling me since they do well in colonies it helps to have a few males and breed in a colony rather than a pair or with a sngle male and a group of females.
  3. Oddballs cool. I can live with that. Hes way bigger than my other males all in all. His coloration looks nice but is probably due to him just molting. Its his structure that I find odd. If he will get longer as he gets older Im wondering how big this guy will be all in all considering he is already HUGE girth wise compared to my other breeder males.
  4. Found this lighter colored ne in my colony today while trying to cull out the nymphs. Is he just an odd ball or could he be a different type of hisser? He is pretty round and pancake like and appears to be the dominant one. His antenas are really thick and fuzzy.
  5. I have been having issues with my Dubia roaches all dieing off slowly. Thought it could be a few different things like food and possibly food being toxic. I tried everything I could and many different foods that had been recommended. Today my last few Dubias were on their backs with their legs flailing. Now looking back I noticed this sorta started when I put them in a tank with cocofiber substrate. I'm looking to start with a fresh colony of younger roaches in the next few weeks and was wondering if the substrate could have been an issue? I noticed they liked to burrow in it a lot and I noticed they would kinda fall on there backs and not be able to get a good grip to flip back over. Could them falling on their backs and not being able to flip over had been an issue as well?
  6. I picked up another 6 at Repticon yesterday and there was one male and the rest females. I knew right off the bat one was about to bust. Woke up this morning and went to remove the food and I found these. So now I have two males and about 8 females. Hopefully thats a good ratio to start stimulating their reproducing.
  7. I have been having these issues with my Dubias. Thought it was the strawberries but Im still having issues and I switched to bananas too. Id seriously at this point stop feeding fruit all together. part of me thinks its the guy I got mine off of peddling bad bugs but another part of me is now thinking its something like pesticides. Who knows, maybe its one of these GMO things, but searching around I see its becoming an issue with many different people and fruit in general. I do know that when I fisrt got my colony and all I was feeding was feeding carrots and apples and a small amount of dog food I had no issues at all.
  8. Other than obviously being fatter, how do you tell for sure if your females are holding? I have a few that I think may be holding and would like to separate them but Im not sure if they are just eating a lot.
  9. They still keep falling off. This is getting pretty frustrating. Im begining to feel at this point the person I bought them off of just gave me a bad bunch or something.
  10. Its really odd because I have a very sucessful Turk colony but cutting out one fruit item isnt worth the hassel and frustration of trying to figure out why they keep dying. So with that being said no more strawberries.
  11. Maybe it is the strawberries. Maybe its toxic which are why certain ones are dying and others who arent tempted to eat it arent.
  12. Okay I'll give that all a shot. I just felt weary of using any ceral high in sugar and artifical sweateners and such which is why i went with wholegrain. How about the dog food? We feed taste Of The Wild to our dogs because its high in protien, amongst other reasons. Its like 32%. Again I was told different stories. How about the reptiles? As I said, these are for feeders primarily which is why I am trying to cut out certain items. The items I am cutting out are said to be bad for the reptiles in the end.
  13. What about dog foods? I hear kibble high in protien is bad then I hear kibble high in protien is good?
  14. I feed them all that too! They like the spinach leaves a lot and oranges.
  15. Srtawberries, carrots, apples, whole grain cerals, bannas, left over green bean cuttings/ends. All sorts of stuff but, nothing that should be toxic. And yes, I see them eat the strawberries and there is bite marks on them.
  16. I change the food out every evening. Well actualy I pull it out in the AM and replace it in the evening. I found another two dead this morning. This is getting nerve racking. The Hissers and the Turks are all doing fine on the same diet with the same basic care. Ive also made sure to rinse their food well too. I just cant figure this out.
  17. Separate. I also have a colony of Turks.
  18. Im new here and from Delaware. I have purchased some Dubias to breed for feeding along with some Hissers for the ame reasons. I have to say, I kinda grew attached to the Hissers. That being said I'll still be breed select a few from any pregnancies here and there to keep. I look forward to talking to some of you.
  19. Today I have found two more dead females both younger. Here is a long shot but, could it be the blue screw in CFL lights I am using?
  20. Feeding them fruits and veggies. The humidity is high and the temp is around 85. It reminded me of prolapse as well but it also looked like he was attempting to molt.
  21. Thanks. Im not that sad over it but more worried about why I had a young female die at the same time. Just hoping theres nothing infecting the colony.
  22. I was just wondering if my male Dubia was shedding or if something else is wrong. The reason I ask is because if you look theer is a female that I noticed dead at the same time. This is my first colony I am raising to breed as feeders.
  23. Would like to start posting or at best edit my profile till I am validated. In need of some advice and have a few questions.

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