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  1. Hi Keith, I'm from Shoreham, how do I join your site? I couldn't find a link on the homepage for signing up. -Rob
  2. Thanks for helping with identifying them, I looked up pictures of Periplaneta fuliginosa (smoky brown cockroach) and I think you nailed it. The smaller nymphs do have white spots and the larger ones have a nice glossy mahogany coloring.
  3. Sure, this is a picture of my unknown species. The ootheca was much larger than a Blatta Lateralis ootheca. They are dark red in color and excellent climbers.
  4. Hello everyone, my name is Rob. I am 37 and live on Long Island, NY. I have been keeping roaches for the past 2 years as feeders for mantids. I'm currently raising Dubia, Lobster, Blatta lateralis, and an unknown species from an ootheca I discovered in a shipment of super worms. I joined this forum because I'm interested in raising roaches as pets. I'm hoping to start with some of the larger species like the Peppered and Cave roach.
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