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  1. i keep my bins clean but these dam things keep coming back when i think ive got them beat , i wont see any for awhile then there they are again ive tried fly tape but it doesnt catch enough what i usually do is take the bins outside most fly away then i clean my bins they seem to love the dubias but if a hissing roach dies they swarm to the dead like ants to a picnic. i was going to try some clean up crews but dont know how effective they are and is it just something else that might get out of the bin. i thought i had them done this winter but i see they are back today when i cleaned and i rea
  2. i have dubias that are climbing on plastic and over a three inch strip of vaseline i put in just as a precaution and they are climbing on and over it . the funny thing is i have three buckets of dubias two they are not doing it but the third ive found them in the indentations for the handles and stuck to tape that i have on top meant for phorid flies and you can see where they have been on top because of the dirt left up on the cover so beware guys especially down south where things are warmer the last thing you need is these setting up shop in your home. ive had mine for eight years with only
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