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  1. Indeed, I try spying on them with a regular flashlight, but they rarely get scared and start burrowing!
  2. Here are some photos. Any hint on their prefered diet would be good. Also, how long will it take for these nymphs to reach adulthood at around 25 degrees C?
  3. The shipment has just arrived. About 10 large nymphs, live and kicking! I can't wait to see them as adults and breed them in a more naturalistic setup!
  4. Thanks for the replies! I will order 2-3 cms L. verrucosa nymphs, and I wonder how long it would take for them to reach adulthood at about 25 degrees C. BTW what's that "parental care" that every keeper of the species talk about?
  5. I saw a breeder's list that had these beautiful roaches in pretty good price, and I think of ordering some. To be more specific, they're L. verrucosa and L. subcincta. Is there anything I should note about their care or their special behaviour? They don't climb smooth surfaces, as far as I know. Is there any difference between the two species? Thanks in advance!
  6. Thank you for your responses! I have more roach species that I may order, but the prices will tell. Of course I won't mix the species, and from what I've read millipedes can die if interrupted while molting underground. Better be safe than sorry. Species tank ftw!
  7. Hello there. My name is Nick and I'm from Greece (obviously ). I'm not exactly new to roach keeping, as I breed two colonies (one Blatta lateralis and one Blaptica dubia) as feeders for my geckos. Soon however I'll be acquiring two hissing roach species (Aeluropoda insignis and Elliptorhina javanica). I don't intend in keeping them together, to avoid domination of one species against the other (can they create hybrids?). Of course I won't breed them as feeders for my geckos... So I have a few questions. First things first, do their care differ from Madagascar hissing roaches? Secondly, I
  8. I got bitten by a male Blatta lateralis once, as I let it climb on my finger. It wasn't defensive for sure. It either wanted to take a taste of me or it was hungry. Didn't hurt of course, but it was nasty and disgusting! I punished the roach later, as it was fed to one of my geckos! Crickets and superworms bite much worse...
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