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  1. There's a free bee program called Irfanview. www.irfanview.com . It does a ton of things for images including size reduction. Just open the photo in Irfanview select resize/rescale and pick the size you want. I use for for a lot of thing besides resizing - I also fix the look with gamma correct and also 'sharpen' images that need it. HTH
  2. If you look for places selling poison dart frogs, many will also sell dried leaves. I know Josh's Frogs sells the dried leaves. -edit - Oops. Was catching up on my reading and didn't realize the thread was so old. Apologies
  3. If you want to raise them - I forget the %ages, but the odds of getting one male and one female is like 75% when you buy 3. Of course the odds go down with the more you buy.
  4. Ive used LLL Reptile and BugsInCyberSpace. Both get thumbs up from me.
  5. Good to know they're ok. I just found a few on my male Wide Horn Hisser.
  6. HI, If you're set on the pad I would use one in conjunction with a thermostat so you can regulate the heat and that it is not running full bore as long as it is plugged in. You can buy a pad that's smaller than the full tank so the roach can move to the other (cooler) side if they get too hot (if that's possible). Also IMHO I never put them on the bottom of the tank I always put it on one side or the other for air exchange. HTH
  7. Frank, thanks for the reading material. Being from SI, the invert section of the SI Zoo was the first place I headed. I often thought about volunteering for that section, now that I'm retired.
  8. There's a vid of a guy somewhere that tuned 1/2 a room into an enclosure for a rather big water monitor cpmplete with plants logs and a water feature. Looks really nice and I wish I had 1/2 the space. In my poking around on You Tube etc... I've never really com across someone with a "large" display enclosure. There's a lot of vids from breeders for the reptile et al trade where there's a room lined with bin after bin, but I don't think thats what you're looking for. Thats a good question, even tho we're fans of roaches and inverts, I wonder if it's the "creep" factor...?
  9. I have my roaches and T's on one of those ladder shelves in a spare room, and I also do not heat the enclosures. The shelf is about 5 feet from a big old fashioned cast iron radiator, and the room varies from 66 to 72 degrees in the winter. All has been fine.
  10. Hi all, I actually joined a while ago, but health issues directed my attention elsewhere. But I'm back now. Roaches in my collection are Dubia's, Question Marks, Death's Heads, and Wide Horned Hissers. The Wide Horned and Death's Head have recently breeded and I now have babies running all over the enclosure. Hoping to learn a lot from you guys and I hope you don't mind the dumb questions.
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