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  1. Hi everyone, sorry for the late response. Well, I have a couple hissers, a domino, a lobster, an australian, and a harlequin. Had a glowspot, but he escaped somehow. And I'm not really sure about the temp, I'd say it's just normal room temperature. No heating lamps or anything. I only use toilet paper as substrate because I didn't wanna put something like dirt becuase then they'd be invisible 24/7 because they hide a lot, and I want to be able to see them. But I could change the substrate. What should the substrate be? And yes, water dish is always available for them in the middle. Th
  2. I've had my roaches for a couple months now, and they still don't seem that much bigger. I don't see them eat, and they aren't very active. Is the substrate wrong? I line the bottom with toilet paper. And I feed them flukers. But they don't seem to be molting. And I never seem them jump for joy when I put food in the cage. I've tried cereal, and today I'm trying noodles. They don't seem excited for any food I give them and they aren't getting bigger.
  3. Hi, i'm new here! I'm new to keeping Roaches, have been keeping mantids for a long time, but to save money, decided to try Roaches this year for the time being. I have about six right now. Domino, Australian, Lobster, 2 Hissing, and Harlequinn. Had a Glowspot but it escaped somehow. Anyways, I have some leftover flukers cricket food. You know, the brown powder stuff. I have a full container of it. I have been sprinkling it in the cage, but can't tell if they're actually eating it or not. SO I ask: Is that a good food choice? Do you think they're eating it? I can't tell, as they're
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