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    I have a small colony of Madagascar Hissers :)
  1. I'm glad to hear he should be okay He still looks the same today but healthy apart from that, poor little guy.
  2. Yeah it looks really odd! Made me jump a bit the first time I noticed it. He's still like it today but is lively and eating well, I'm confused!
  3. This is one of my 5 month old male Madagascar hissers (born April 2014), bred from one of my own roaches. The last two days I've fed them he's looked like this: http://s29.postimg.org/5r8m898if/photo_1.jpg http://s10.postimg.org/qls80vu5l/photo.jpg A few questions... Is this normal when they are mating? I'm not sure if it's gone back in during the day because I feed them in the evening and that's when I've noticed it. If it's not normal, is it a prolapse maybe? And is there anything I can do to help him?
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