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  1. Well right now, they're in a Tupperware container that's a bit larger than a gallon. I guess I'll try to bother them as little as possible, and if I don't get any ootheca out of this bunch, I'll be happy to have had them as pets.
  2. Hey guys. After lurking around on this forum for a long time, I decided I really need your help. I have 3 female and 4 male P. fuliginosa that will mate but never produce viable ootheca. The females seem to begin making them but they often get eaten by the other roaches. They are given dog food, bits of boiled eggs, and various vegetables 24/7. If I separate the females when I see them just beginning to produce an ootheca, they deposit them on a surface, and the females cover them with debris. However, the ootheca have not fully hardened and always desiccate despite being put into very humid containers. I keep a few other species of roaches, but Blatta orientalis and Blatella germanica are the only other oviparous species I keep, but I've never had issues keeping and breeding those guys. If you guys have any suggestions, please let me know, and thank you guys so much for your time. It's very much appreciated!
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