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  1. I feed tiny slings a half a mealworm. They can and do scavenge from the cut end, easiest way to feed them.
  2. My hissers will breed under almost any conditions. Heat just speeds up the process a bit.
  3. I believe the lobster roach has been known to do it too; https://www.google.co.za/?gfe_rd=cr&ei=oVRCU4ncKYfd8gf3y4DABA#q=nauphoeta+cinerea+parthenogenetic&spell=1
  4. I have a beardie that had a bad experience with a in-hindsight too big hisser. He now flat out refuses to eat any roach but a lateralis. My other 5 will eat anything they can fit into their mouths. True story...
  5. I use mealworms exclusively with my hissers and dubia. Seem to work real well...
  6. Hi guys I breed hissers and dubia in South Africa, all I've ever had in my tubs are mealworms, they seem to work really well and I have another feeder available on demand...
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