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  1. Are these the same as Rice Beetles? If so, I love them because the larvae are terrific food for small mantids. I bought a starter kit from Josh's Frogs and took afew from that and put them into my two roach colonies. I doubt scovered them when I had ordered afew hundred crickets from flukers. I caught some and set them up in a seperate container. My little baby mantids loved them!
  2. Isopods are great friends to have in your tanks. They do need some moist places to hide in but they eat the white mites right up. I had a huge mite problem in my centipede tanks. I bought some rolypolys and now the mites are gone! Spring tails take care of mold but I dont think they eat mites. Can anyone tell me if they do or not?
  3. I had bought some roach jelly from Bugs In Cyber Space. I saw the mites in one of my roach homes had crammed themselves in to one so I took it out ajd put it in the freezer. Two days later, all dead! Its a good treqt and a mite bait too. Cant beat that. To work though, its best to remove all food from thier home so if the mites want something to eat, they have to go into the jelly cups.
  4. The European wild rabbit and the Cotton Tail can mate of course but the embryos divide a few times then dies. Ive never heard of a living hybrid.
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