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    I am formerly roachfreak101 from www.roachdomain.com<br />As you guessed i like keeping and breeding roaches, not to mention black widows, tarantula's, millipedes, scorpions.<br />I also keep and breed reptiles.<br />Burmese and blood pythons.<br /><br />

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  1. Hi and welcome! Don't worry, your in great company, there are a whole bunch of roach freaks here! Including myself!
  2. That helped alot thanks Peter. I'll have to check out those other ones next week Orin.
  3. Whoops! Sorry for the confusion. Ken
  4. The website it up and running. http;//www.roachndragon.com
  5. Orin Do you still have these? Give me a Jingle!
  6. I always wondered what are there any differances between pillbugs and sowbugs? Or is it just a locality thing, ya know potatoe potato? I saw these huge isopods at Orins once, they were differant from normal sowbugs, Which are kinda flat, the one's Orin had were kinda tall in the body, Does anybody know what i'm talking about. Does anybody have these? RoachFreak
  7. Hey guys, how's everybody! Just wanted to tell everybody that I have joined with other family members, My sister, and my neice to build a new website. www.RoachnDragon.com It will be published this monday. Mind you i don't have all the critters on there yet, but call it a work in progress. One half will deal with Roaches and other Invertebrates, And the other bearded dragons and other reptiles. As you may guess i will be running the roaches and other inverts part of it. Oh and my neice was given creative liscence to design the website, So don't be too hard on us on that aspect. Afterall its all about the critters and service, right? I apologise to all who thought i fell of the face of the earth, well i guess i kinda did for a while! Hopefully Orin is happy now, since he's been pestering me to death for the last 5 years to do this. Thanks Orin i needed that!! I'm glad to be back home here, wish us luck!! We will need it! Ken
  8. Hi JSUN: Welcome to the forum! Its okay we dont need to know where you live, just that you have an interest in roaches makes you welcome here. Let us know what species of roaches you keep. Roachfreak101
  9. Looks like a nice little setup! You have a couple of hides and the water dish, now for the fun part, feeding!!! Scorpions are really cool!
  10. Hi: First of all, i keep all my all roaches the same way. I keep them all on compost, the only thing about compost is i use lids from plastic coffee jars for food. If food is left on the compost it will turn moldy and make a mess, also no good for the roaches. Vermiculite is okay as long as you moisten it here and there for a little humidity. The temp in my reptile/roach room varies for 80 to 85 degrees so i dont really have to use extra heating for each cage. Some of the roaches you mention ( the Byrsotria and madiera ) probably like to burrow. I would use a substrate that can be compacted better, like compost, or i used to use "jungle mix" by ESU reptile. Potting soil would work well too. The harlequins, you dont have to worry about them trying to burrow, i just use egg crate for their housing. What is important, is whatever substrate you use, must be moistened from time to time to give the roaches some humidity. All roaches like a little humidity sometimes, its also important for livebearing roaches like hissers who use some humidity to help incubate their baby's inside. If you use compost or potting soil, you should bake it in the oven to kill any pesky critters that may be living inside. Hope this helps. Any questions, dont hesitate to pm me. Roachfreak101
  11. Welcome Franco! You really have a great list of roaches! I am sure you will be the envy of alot of people here, including myself!
  12. Hi MJ! Welcom to our forum! I'm sure you will learn alot here.
  13. Hey Chris: Let me know when you have baby's I'd be interested in a few. I have bred all the popular widows except for bishopi. Western, Southern, Northern. I love brown widows, i like the bands on the legs and pattern on the abdomen. I would love to have the reds.
  14. B. parabolicus are my favorite Blaberus species. They are more variable in their color than other Blaberus. I had some that were light, and others that were almost black. Mine were from Europe. I like atropos also, but i think parbolicus are nicer looking. I guess its all how you see them. Yes James might have them.
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