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  1. I tried to research this a while back and yielded no results. I'm very curious to follow this post and see if anyone has an answer or a link to the laws or state regulations.
  2. While looking for information on combating mites, I found a thread that only touched on mite paper in passing as an additional preventative. As I've had multiple problems as of late, I was interested in giving it a shot. I found this (http://www.amazon.com/Anti-Mite-Paper-18-10-Roll/dp/B005P0EBGE/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1444592163&sr=8-1&keywords=anti-mite+paper#descriptionAndDetails) and was curious if anyone else has any experience using it or a similar product. I'm concerned about placing a chemical laden sheet onto a shelf with my cultures sitting atop it but noted that it is usually used for drosophila cultures with apparent success. Any thoughts are appreciated.
  3. Absolutely gorgeous! They're on my definite eventually list.
  4. Tex, how did your 30x30 experiments go? Any escapees? I was looking at either that or the 70x70 (for Blatella, Parcoblatta, etc) on the website you suggested
  5. I considered something similar but was a little hesitant with Periplaneta after I had one of them eat through an improved aluminum tin foil cap with a few small ventilation holes. Does anyone have any experience with rough size estimates for mesh for various or most species?
  6. Tex, How did the final results of your testing turn out? I've been looking around at your suggestions to contain Surinam and Periplaneta without the loss of air flow of sealed containers.
  7. Welcome! I love Therea species, good choice. What species are on your "wish list?" Edit: spelling
  8. Welcome! Careful, its addicting! I started with lateralis and wound up with close to 10 species thus far.
  9. Welcome! If I'm ever around the national park, I'll be sure to look you up
  10. I'll keep fish meal in mind in case I need it. I'll give some citrus fruit a try today and see how they do with it. I've heard others say that it did them well with regards to breeding. Thank for the suggestions!
  11. I had wondered if it was a protein deficiency. I had been under the impression that a diet high in protein could cause a uric acid accumulation (especially in adults) and cut my protein down to roughly 15% about 3-4 months ago. Anyone have any clarification on the physiology? My lats have always snubbed their noses at chick starter but I gave them some of our dry cat food this morning. I hope this resolves my problem. Thanks for the input so far!
  12. Experienced keepers, please help! For the last several weeks, I have been noticing more hollowed out oothecas in my Shelfordella lateralis colony. I initially thought that some of them, such as the ones I have found in the food containers, were just being dragged into it. However, today I was working in the roach/spider room and observed a young nymph eating the contents of one of the oothecas not yet dropped by the female carrying it. The setup is a clear 58 qt bin with four 2 inch mesh vents in the top. The bin is also opened at least once every 24 hours for maintenance or feeding spiders. I use roughly 5 full size egg crates with paper towel tubes along the sides to increase room (colony size approx 1500-2000). Food is placed in short cut off solo cups with are placed against the egg crates for easy access. Food is in near constant supply and consists of rolled oats, rabbit pellets, and some chicken laying pellets with fresh produce added in every several days. Any advise appreciated, thanks!
  13. Hisserdude - I hope so! Lurking so far has been awesome. There's so much information, pics, and awesome people here that I love it. Cariblatta lutea - I actually work in Montgomery and travel back and forth all the time. If you have overstock on some species, hit me up. I might be interested. RomanBuck - I'm still early in and not as big on most pest species.. Unless you consider Periplaneta americana a pest species. I honestly think one of the ones I'm most interested in for the moment are Gyna lurida in their standard and yellow color form. Watching videos of them, they fascinate me,
  14. Hello all! My name is Skip and I'm from central Alabama. I got into roaches about a year ago as feeders (for tarantulas, frogs, geckos, and salamanders) and since then I've become more and more infatuated with them. I started out with lateralis as feeders (the colony is huge now) and then I picked up some dubia as pets about 6-8 months ago. I also have arrangements right now to pick up some domino and question mark roaches in the next couple of weeks. The more I look at different roach species, the more I start shuffling my herp and invert room to arrange for more bins. I hope to also pick up some death's heads before long as they were one of the first species that attracted my attention to pet roaches. I look forward to lurking more and contributing when able.
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