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  1. 15 minutes ago, pannaking22 said:

    Beautiful species and glad to see they're doing well for you! Might have to get some of these in the future since I've really enjoyed my Ischnoptera sp. Costa Rica :)

    Give it a shot! They are fairly cheap on roachcrossing.com so I think it's worth it :) 

  2. 8 hours ago, Hisserdude said:

    The smaller roaches always seem to be the hardest to get pictures of lol! Glad they are doing well for you, I really hope to get some from you sometime this year, gotta set some money aside for a starter colony! :)

    Once the weather warms up again i'll be putting these guys up for sale ;)

  3. 57 minutes ago, Psydeus565 said:

    Were the spoils worth it? Any species worth mentioning?

    I had a blast on this trip! Found tons of cool bugs out there and I really enjoyed hanging out with bug friends :)


    There are too many to list so I'll just list some of my fav. finds :

    Roaches :

    Arenivaga sp.

    Myrmecoblatta sp.

    Latiblattella lucifrons

    Parcoblatta notha

    Possible black Shelfordella lateralis

    Tarantulas :

    Aphonopelma chalcodes

    Aphonopelma cf. hentzi

    Aphonopelma cf. madera

    Aphonopelma sp. "Rodeo"

    Orthoptera :

    Dactylotum bicolor

    Neobarrettia spinosa

    Neobarrettia victoriae

    Mantid :

    Stagmomantis californica

    Stagmomantis gracilipes

    Stagmomantis limbata

    Litaneutria cf. obscura

    Iris oratoria

    Yersiniops sp.


    Centipedes :

    Scolopendra heros "héros" and "arizonensis"

    Scolopendra polymorpha

    Scolopendra polymorpha "Sky Island Blue"

    Beetles :

    Megasoma punctulatus

    Hemiphileurus illatus

    Strategus aloeus

    Strategus cessus

    Chrysina gloriosa

    Chrysina lecontei

    Chrysina beyeri


    Millipedes :

    Hiltonius sp.

    UnIDed species that somewhat resemble Tylobolus but thin and long

    Assassins :

    Apiomerus flaviventris

    Apiomerus spissipes

    Apiomerus longispinis

    Zeluroides americanus

    Phymata sp.

    Possible Rocconota sp.

    Isopods :

    Venezillo arizonicus

    Possible Platyarthrus sp.

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  4. On 1/13/2017 at 6:38 PM, Kevinswither said:

    Could I keep p nivea and discoid roaches together? 

    Last year I had P. nivea female escape from its enclosure and it somehow ended up in discoid enclosure. Later I started seeing Panchlora adults pop up in there, suggesting that the female bred in there. However, once my discoid colony grew larger the Panchloras disappeared. So ya, discoids will outcompete Panchlora. 

  5. There are colonies of roaches in the local university lab that's been there since 1980s (or so the label says) that are thriving. All they get is dog food and occasionally a piece of lettuce every once in a while. If the high protein food was truly detrimental to the roaches I doubt these colonies could've lasted this long. 

  6. 21 hours ago, Hisserdude said:

    Congrats man, sounds like they are doing great for you! :) Thanks for the tip on sexing, pretty sure I have at least one male in my culture, so it looks like mine might bounce back too!

    Fingers crossed that you'll be able to breed them!

  7. On 1/9/2017 at 7:20 PM, pannaking22 said:

    Not all that surprising that the biology is unknown, but still a bummer :( Looks like you'll be extending our knowledge of this species then!

    I sure hope so! So far my big ones have been molting so I'm guessing I'm doing an ok job with raising them :)

  8. On 1/9/2017 at 5:22 PM, Hisserdude said:

    Well then, that's a good sign, looks like the ambient temperature in their enclosure is OK then. :) Hope yours grow faster too, at least it seems the mysterious die-offs that you expirenced earlier with your nymphs have stopped.

    Just wondering, were the ones that died born while being shipped? If so, I think this species is just really sensitive to shipping, as my adults did pretty poorly in my care but the nymphs they produced have had a 100% survival rate, yet your early instar nymphs died off in large numbers, so perhaps shipping stress was to blame for the mysterious deaths of your nymphs and my adults?

    I believe the ones that died were from not just the ones that were born in transit, but also the ones that were born from other females. A lot of them were born with missing antennae so there could've been a problem before they were born. 

  9. 22 minutes ago, Hisserdude said:

    Well only two are that big, I still have nymphs that look like they've only molted twice or thrice, as I said they are growing at staggered rates. Perhaps I should keep them warmer, but I'm afraid of dessicating them, and that's the last thing I need lol! 

    Most of mine are only L3 and L4 and if I remember correctly you got the nymphs later than I did so yours are definitely growing faster! 

  10. 12 minutes ago, Hisserdude said:

    Is it possible for them to be viable still, or would they have hatched by now if they were fertile? I hope Kyle is able to breed them successfully, I'm really hoping this species gets established in culture!

    Kyle told me they should've hatched by now. One of them got covered with mites so I guess he is right about that :(

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