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  1. So I've got a couple of flower mantises that mainly eat flying insects, or anything constantly moving. So I'm looking for a good small to medium feeder roach that can climb, always active, and can maybe fly? Thanks. Btw I do have dubias. Not the best roach for invertebrates especially since they burrow in the substrate and stop for hours when they sense danger
  2. They don't really need substrate. Mine have been fine for 4 years with ought it. Although the dry cat food I give them has scattered and made the base of the roach bin. To prevent mold I use half oranges and lay them ontop of the egg flats. That's really all the water they need
  3. It's still a pretty large colony. Idk if a 20 gal would suffice but I have thought about it
  4. Yes he has over 100 tarantulas in various sizes. At first I was fine with it. Told him only take the males. Now my males are gone and he's feed the adult females!! I keeping telling him no but he still insist and I catch him every time. He power feeds his animals it's crazy
  5. I have a large dubia colony and would like to maintane that. My brother howere keeps stealing large quantities. It's starting to put a dent in my colony. Is there any way I can put some kind of lock on it? I've got them in a large 20gal Rubbermaid container for now. Thanks
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