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  1. Does anyone know how to ship internationally and the laws for this and/or services that allow this type of shipping?

    I am sure if illegal, people find a way as so many are obviously here, but I was hoping to find a legal way to do so and what are the best way's to package for such a thing.

  2. The only thing is how they kill a host. It seems they must do this to keep the life cycle going. I would think to a large roach it might be similar to a spider bite for us, especially the species I mentioned, as their target host seems to not be roaches. But it still sounds like a sketchy test.

  3. Hi Inkie, you can email me zipped pics or shared from dropbox, whatever you have. I would also consider an "Other Roaches" for sale section, but will need pics and a short info to add them.

    RomanBuck, I believe I have that mix too! I have proven that Wide-horns did get introduced from the seller, and based on color I believe Tigers.

  4. Hi roach enthusiasts!

    I am still building up my hissing roach website @ HissingRoach.Farm and my collection. I am looking for pictures and adding content when I can. Please let me know what you think, and offer any pics or advice. I have worked with a couple gecko geneses in the past, and for some reason sticking with a genus, class or group of animals is the most fulfilling.

    Though new and still learning about roaches, I hope to make a positive impact on the community and show these magnificent creatures in the most appealing way, as we know the rest of the world gets grossed out. So trying to gather pictures and information that reflect that.

    To encourage the help, please offer any information on what you have for sale and I can add to my site, then redirect customers to you.

  5. Anyone notice flat horns eating less than others or having different heat requirements? I am growing some out alongside (same type of bin/ heat) as some wide horns. The wide horns are eating 5 times or my the qty of food. I am mixing 6 grains with a few other powder supplements including bee polin. Also notice the lack of eating when I add a banana.

  6. hybridquestion5.jpg

    Take a look at the ones I circled. Most do look like wide horns, but a few look very flat and darker. I got them as smaller nymphs from someone on the site as wide horns and they also sold me a group of Flat Horns, so I wonder if either some got mixed in, or they are actual hybrids. Unfortunately these guys don't look exactly like the Flat Horns I got, those do look more pure linage. Here are some more close ups of what are supposed to be G. oblongonota zoomed in...





  7. Anyone know the legalities of roach breeding in California and starting a business with such a name? Would it be safer to say feeder insects, reptile supplies, small pets etc. What would be a safe direction to take, not only now, but for the future, say they start implementing stricter rules on breeders of roaches.

    I would like to establish a legal business as I am dedicating a large portion of the house to this, but don't want to point out some things unnecessarily or file my business in a way that could incriminate me for legalities I am unaware of. I do work with Chameleons and could go that route as my business if that seems the safest. Any input is greatly appreciated. I could just stay on the DL like a lot of the breeders do, but then that defeats the ability to have tax write offs and the perks of acting like a functioning business. For myself, I am aloud to have this "odd" hobby by my significant other if the intention is supplementing our income a bit hahah!, so I have to satisfy her and make this thing look legit.

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