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  1. Anyone know the legalities of roach breeding in California and starting a business with such a name? Would it be safer to say feeder insects, reptile supplies, small pets etc. What would be a safe direction to take, not only now, but for the future, say they start implementing stricter rules on breeders of roaches. I would like to establish a legal business as I am dedicating a large portion of the house to this, but don't want to point out some things unnecessarily or file my business in a way that could incriminate me for legalities I am unaware of. I do work with Chameleons and could go that route as my business if that seems the safest. Any input is greatly appreciated. I could just stay on the DL like a lot of the breeders do, but then that defeats the ability to have tax write offs and the perks of acting like a functioning business. For myself, I am aloud to have this "odd" hobby by my significant other if the intention is supplementing our income a bit hahah!, so I have to satisfy her and make this thing look legit.
  2. They already created a much smaller backpack that has an app on Android... https://backyardbrai...ducts/roboroach
  3. My "black" ones are males and females, or so it seems based on horns. I should take pictures later. I only know wide-horns in this group for sure, but I also found a few "tri-color" looking individuals and a couple very flat, very wide individuals with odd color, suggesting maybe Tigers and flat-horns have also fount their way in the group? I suspect one of my sources had an accidental introduction and the other was a melting pot of species.
  4. Anyone have a break down of the different behavioral traits of the different spp of Hissers or know of a good source? I have a hybrid group from two different sources ( I keep from my pure lines ) and noticed as I was separating, the different color morphs, the "darker large ones" hissed really loud and seemed to attempt escape more actively than the others.
  5. Btw here is the exact question... In the winter, the fur of the arctic fox is white. In summer, the fur darkens to a reddish brown. What most likely causes the fur of the fox to change color? A the amount of sunlight present B the fox’s habitat C the fox’s genes D the fox’s age Definitely an interesting question worth debating. It is obvious the genes cause the fur to change color, but we also know habitat, age and sunlight can effect the chemistry of the organism, altering many aspects including pigmentation and other visual changing features. I think you can go very high level as a teacher, but then forget if you have a very detailed thinker in the class, he/she might find holes even science has not considered. I think students should get bonus points just for questioning the truth.
  6. Any of the giant roaches works for me. It is for feeders but also to just show how fascinating and big some roaches can get.
  7. I am going to be building a website giantchameleon.com and the focus will be on the giants of the Chameleons, including a Giant feeder section. I will also link back to the forums and do my best to make it an informative site. The fun part for myself is I build websites for a living, so I would love to use this as a way to improve my skill-set and to promote Chameleon care and keeping in a well designed high quality format. With my new found love for roaches, I would love to make a nice pictorial and info section on all the cool giant feeder roaches and other giants that are not necessarily feeders, but giants of the roach community just for fun. What I am looking for are pictures and any data that might be helpful care and breeding. I will give credit to everything and offer the ability to revoke rights to images if you decide you want to stop sharing. Honestly I just want to build the best looking website, and images of my one Melleri Chameleon, dubias and portentosa is not going to be that interesting. You can contact me here or directly from my personal website @ shaneofalltrades.com if that is ok by the mods here.
  8. I have them already, but these are my first hissers, so not much to go by one features to look for. I was just wondering if someone already has ordered here and had a good idea. I was originally breeding as feeders but the whole group is becoming increasingly interesting to me. Maybe I can take close ups when I have some more time today.
  9. I just ordered some dubia's and large hissers from dubiaroaches. these guys... http://dubiaroaches.com/product-category/hissing-roaches/ Anyone know if these are Gromphadorhina portentosa, hybrid's or something else?
  10. Just some previous research and experience with phorid flies. There are many species with various parasitic behaviors and levels of aggression directed at tank mates. I had a variety that would lay it's eggs in fresh laid gecko eggs, later to find an incubating chamber full of phorid flies and a completley hollow egg, with one pin size entry/exit hole. Also found one lizard with phoid fly larvae coming out of what was a swollen arm. I would not doubt these guys can be a high priority pest to remove from any colony.
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