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  1. I cant find anythign called ROACHPARADISE on facebook....do you have a link
  2. Ive looked everywhere for some kind of guide, but the only thing ive found is for florida species (ive improved the formatiing and included it attatched). I want to get better at identifying roaches in the wild and in captivity, butscouring research papers is hard. What do yall recommend as the best way to learn to identify roaches? How do you use your resources? key to florida species.pdf
  3. I live out in rural panama (read: the jungle), and im interested in trying out a few different projects to use roaches as feeder animals for livestock, and also to keep the cages sanitary. One project is simple blatticompost- i was intereste din finding the exact FCR (feed conversion ratio) of roaches on veggie scraps, and also feces. Im thinking of using Ivory headed roaches for this, sinc ethey tolerate crowding well, eat everything quickly, and all those other reasons. im just a hit worried that i read that they ar epurely vegitarian, so it be a shame to get rid of high energy meat scraps without turning them into roahc protein A second one is to address sanitation problems- im intereste din building a blatticompoisting latrine- what kind of roach would work best on human feces do you think? I think urine would probobly have to be put elsewhere, unless they could tolerate the ammonia/high levels of nitrogen. the third is to build a system to clean the (specially designed) pens of chickens and maybe pigs. I would have two separate areas where the animals would be moved periodically back and forth from, and some kind of roach allowed to crawl over the floor of the other one (there are barriers to keep them in) and eat the crap the animals left behind. What roach would do best for this? obviously, roaches that climb/fly are pretty out of the question. I want to keep them enclosed fairly easily. If anyone has any more specific info on blatticompost and stuff, it would be much obliged. all i find is that one site: http://umdearborn.edu/eic/research/roaches.html also trying desperately to find more info on FCR of roaches- it not anywhere is it? oh well, much research to do! I
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