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  1. Hello everyone! I know color variation is normal, but I picked out some roaches are noticeably more red compared to my other ones when I was cleaning yesterday: photos here for convenience (imgur). They look the same as they did when I spotted them the last time I cleaned everything out. "normal" one on the bottom for comparison
  2. Nice! I really like Barnaby (cute name too). This one is one of my favorites: Other photos:
  3. Hello! I have always loved insects, so roaches are the perfect pet for me! (I wanted to be an entomologist as a kid). I currently have G. portentosa, G. oblongonota, Elliptorhina javanica, and G. grandidieri (Tiger-striped). Anyways, I have never met anyone in person who shares my interest in bugs, so I'm hoping to make some friends here! Some photos: Edit: Thanks everyone!
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