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  1. as i already stated I DID wash ALL products carefully, i dont know why you dont believe this? and apperently these (other) products do have this problem because the last few hissers that i got i cut diet to only feed cut baby carrots which i still washed AND peeled further, and broccoli. EVERYTHING with this new colony is EXACTLY the same except the fruit and veg. as i stated this is not a debate im sharing my experience, as to help others who see problems similar, you can keep saying its not possible, but im done posting about this. now get your last word in and let it be done.
  2. i did wash EVERYTHING thouroughly, didnt just get hisers on a whim i researched plenty on proper care , then as they still kept dying peeled everything after washing, as i said the only factor that changed is the fruit n veg. they all died in the same manner in about the same span of time (as new ones were sent in to replace the old) from two different colony on west, and east coast, there should have been no pesticides after washed AND aggressively peeling yet here we are. also the fact that three babies from the last mother i had are thriving. the only thing it left is the veg/fruit the onlything that changed. and i have to disagree there are fruit and veg that is grown that has the pesticides IN the fruit/veg itself systemic. if the main diet is that fruit and veg how can it not affect them? you may not get these in your area, but 15 dead healthy adults speak to me otherwise. yes many have no problems feeding fruit veg to your babies. i dont write this to cause a panic or a huge debate, just to inform if anyone has an experience similar this could be a cause. http://www.motherearthnews.com/nature-and-environment/environmental-policy/systemic-pesticides-zmaz10onzraw.aspx
  3. Months ago i tried starting my first colony of hissers, had water dishes as well as gel water, always fresh fruit, fish pellets, and cat food avail. For them. One by one and two by two they would die off all in the same way. One or two would get lethargic turn on their backs,when turned on their bellies they were unable to walk, and kind of try to use one foot to move then end up on their back again . I tried to save them, first three or four i would sperate, and try to give them water by hand, they would spend as short as three days to a week just sitting on their back, nothing i could do. so the seller would replace the ones that died, then more from the first batch would start showing the same syptoms days after the first deaths, again seller replaced, then the second set the seller sent would start witht the same syptoms. these were alll adults BTW, even got a few from another seller. same same same. threw my hands up said im done. week later decided to give it one more try, got a starter colony of 30 nymph replaced fresh fruit with zoomeds gecko food, which is power fruit and veg, around 4-5$ for a 2oz bottle some high end gecko food can get expensive, AND THEY CHOW IT DOWN. not one death most of them have matured to the point where i can sex them. molting perfectly. ita an amazing colony, i have some adult all black to (normal color hissers) to half black half striped, oh and the last adult female i had from the original adults i had, had three babies that are thriving! the whole colony is thriving. my thought is the fruit in my area is GMO that was poisioning the hissers, the ONLY thing changed was fruit/veg out for gecko feed. something to think about if you are having any problems like i had.
  4. Went with your recommendation of the flukers heating pad Wodesorel. Got the 11x17 Size fits 90% of the back of the tank perfectly. Very nice recommendation excellent heater very impressed with it. Very thin, pumps out nice heat no adhesive to so can move it as many times as needed love it . Since both sides heat up I put a exacto knife self healing cutting board over the top to redirect the heat inwards, as directions recommend putting something over it if it's going on the outside of a tank. Thanks for the recommendation
  5. Finally got my new enclosure started to get set up, this is it so far. Much nicer looking than the lil hexagon shaped tank they were in. The piece of wood on the floor of the enclosure is a knot of wood, my mother cut off while getting wood for the winter. Has a nice hollow out in it for them to hide. Ignore the temp/humidity gauge, I just put everything in there a min ago , and still have a heater to stick on.
  6. Interesting, I haven't seen that type of heater, I Wanting the pad because I can side mount it. I have the same brand two mini ones on my current tank they work great. The size people use on their 10 gallon tanks are all over the map, some say one medium, two small, one large. No one says what temp they are trying to keep their tank at tho. Just curious if anyone had experience witht these. Worse comes to worse I guess I'll get one med. test the temps over the week, and if necessary get another med for the other side or buy a large . Just figured if anyone else has used these could get one large Instead of two med. if needed. Pain to peel the things off to return them.
  7. I'm going to be heating a 10 gallon tank with a screen top, looking to keep temps minimum of 85° should I get http://www.amazon.com/Zoo-Med-ReptiTherm®-Heater-Medium/dp/B0002AQCL4/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1415994123&sr=8-2&keywords=Under+tank+heater Or where I have the screen top should I go for. Going to be side of the tank mounted http://www.amazon.com/Zoo-Med-ReptiTherm®-Under-Heater/dp/B0002AQCLO/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1415994123&sr=8-3&keywords=Under+tank+heater Thanks for your input.
  8. Since I Very new to insect ownership ( all my years have been with mammals or reptiles) I will enviably have some silly questions ( sorry in advance for that) . Is it at all possible to tell from a pic of my female is preggers, she is around 2, 3/4 inches long. Gromphadorhina portentosa
  9. I researched about a month ago, to see if they would be a good fit for me as pets. Everything I found was just rehash of the same information I found on another site. All very basic stuff. Then found this site, said to myself well the more in depth stuff Im betting I can get from this community. All the best pet info I have always gotten from forum communities.
  10. Sounds great, the more information out there the better. When I researched before getting my hissers there wasn't a lot of info out there, and what was out there was all the same generic information.
  11. I know Hybrids can be a hot button topic for some. I find it very interesting. If people handle hybrid breeding carefully/responsibly as you seem to be I don't see the problem , very cool looking hisser.
  12. husker


    Same here, apple slice, orange slice, bit of carrot ect. Change it up every few days. I use the natural sponges because they are naturally resistant to mold/mildew ect. growth, I have a box of them to change out once a week hmm maybe I'll start doing twice a week, as I was concerned about the same thing. Still I'll try taking it out keep an eye on them see if they drink, they are right next to our couch so I can keep an eye on how they are doing. I'll introduce some different forms of proteins also, I thought changing food out twice a day would keep me safe from mites, but I'll try other stuff in case. They LOVE the cat food first thing they chowed down on when I got them. I know they can easily adapt to new foods, it's just I'm used to pets that you can't switch out food as easily. Like pickey ferrets
  13. husker


    Humidity is fine, they won't touch water gel at all, I am a lil worried about removing the sponge tho, that's all they ever use the climb on the sponge chew/suck water from it, I have a lil bigger round water dish than in pic now they have the option to drink water directly but always use sponge, all their food gets changed out in the morning and at night.
  14. husker


    The humidity and heat levels are good in the current tank, have a therm. Mounted inside , plus a separate wire therm I use now and then to check, they won't touch water gel, I'll ditch the sponge tho, I'll try misting now and then also. I read that's not good as promotes mold growth, but I clean the cage often so should be fine.
  15. husker


    I think so they're so freaking cool, I started out with two baby babies from my daughter's teacher, they died within a day of each other after about four days, got two more from her changed up the cage again after four days they died within a day of each other. I had heaters I know the temperature was good they had food available water available I couldn't figure out what was going on, I figured well their babies maybe they just didn't thrive. Bought a male and female adult bought some coconut fiber substrate, because all I read was that's what majority of people use, A natural sponge to set in their water dish, every day morning and night fresh fruit vegetables cat food for protein, same thing after about four days the female was on her back hissing away when you tried to put her on her legs she would kind of flopped over to one side and then on her back again the next day the male was doing the same thing lethargic, kind of flopping to one side. I said okay one more try got this set of male and two females, moved their tank to a different area of the room now using shredded newspaper substrate same food set up and they're doing great I have a few theories of why the others died but can't be sure what did it. One is their tank was next to a lot of electrical wiring and the router. also their cage was right next to a closet which is a shared wall with a big forced hot water oil burner that supplies the whole building with heat and hot water, so maybe there was just enough fumes coming through that affected them because there pipes coming through the wall. Or my other theory is bad substrate. Whatever it was happily with the move these ones are doing very well so far after a week and a half or so
  16. husker


    There found a resizing app, just lil starter tank for them
  17. Just got 3 hissers one male two female about a week and a half ago , was introduced to them at my kids school, and fell in love with them, had to have some. So I did some research and decided these would be a good fit for me. Can't size down a pic right now to show.
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