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  1. Anyone notice that the roaching around website has been removed?
  2. I can't help but wonder if: High Temp=Rapid Growth=Smaller Ultimate Size. What do you think??
  3. I followed the preceding debate with great interest. Much more interesting and entertaining than anything the Republican candidates have to offer.
  4. As a practical matter: use protein supplementation judiciously, and monitor the results.
  5. Since hard, empirical evidence is lacking on the issue of protein supplementation, the hobbyist must turn to anecdotal evidence; and it overwhelmingly advises the use of protein supplementation: dog food, cat food, chicken feed, fish flakes...
  6. ty hissderdude, I'v been following your interesting blog a few months now, didn't know invertebrate dude was hisserdude.
  7. Hi. I'm an Ultrasound technician from central Illinois. I've been keeping roaches for a little over a year and currently have a dozen species under culture: B. atropos-new starter B. boliviensis-medium colony B. lateralis-new starter E. posticus-new starter E. floridana-medium colony G. grandidieri-small colony G.portensa-small colony H. flexivitta-small colony N. rhombifolia-Large colony P. nigra-small colony P. surinamensis-small colony R. cf. capelloi-small colony I keep these as pets (no feeding out) and first learned of this forum through the Allpet Roaches" website.
  8. Has anyone had any experience using wood chips, or chunks sold for smoking as a component of roach substrate, i.e. hickory, applewood, mesquite,,,?
  9. Since obtaining a small colony of Henschoutedenia flexivitta, I have been researching their natural habitat and region of origin. I haven't had much luck. Anyone out there have any answers?
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