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  1. I had these awhile back, all I did to get rid of em was keep it dry in the enclosure, without enough moisture theyll die off pretty fast.
  2. Ive used a few old coolers for enclosure for my crickets, hissing and lobster roachs and Ive noticed they dont climb the walls at all in them. The only thing that I have seen climbing the inside of a cooler is microcrickets, like smaller than 1/8" but generaly they cant get to far up it, like Ive never seen any at the top just around the bottom couple of inches. I take off the lid and make a frame with wire mesh thats just a little bigger then the cooler so it just sits on top with the mesh covering the top and the wieght of the frame holding it on, In my limited experience this has worked really well. I know its kinda a bit of work but Ive tried using olive oil and that kinda deal and I got sick of getting it on my forearms pretty fast.
  3. Hello, I recently started using feeder roaches for my tarantulas and I think there great, I really really hate crickets lol. So far I have Nauphoeta cinerea (lobster roaches), Gromphradorhina portentosa (hissing roaches) and Blatta lateralis (turkistan roaches). I have a few hundred of each and so far no smell 0 deaths in my enclosures, Im really loving them. In the future Id like to get some more exotic type roaches as pets, like I saw some black hissers on this forum that would be awsome. Besides all the roaches I have 40 tarantulas, a half dozen stagmomantis Carolinas (carolina mantis), some Dropsophila melanogaster (Flightless fruitflies) and 0 crickets ( ).
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