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  1. Yeah, long story short don't even ask, I put my dog tooth through my phone camera lens cover the other day in a tarantula escape "need both hands and immediately!" emergency. Remember when your dentist said not to use your teeth as a tool? Well it's not very good to try to use them as a hand either, apparently. I'll try to get some pictures tomorrow, but they won't be very good. The majority of my starter strain came from Texas A&M laboratories. I also got a group from a breeder in Michigan, but this was years ago. I think the trouble came from a local breeder here in Phoenix, however
  2. Yes well, that's the common line; but I know the difference between dubias and orange heads, and these ain't orange heads. I would put money on not having two species of roaches living together, but I'm going to put some time into figuring this out if I have to separate out every single suspicious character, individual by individual. In fact, I would love to be wrong, to be able to pull out the miscreants and have my awesome normal dubia colony back again! I can certainly say, however that the nymphs that grow into these bizarre gold red "dubia roaches" are not--emphatically not--ora
  3. I had a really lovely collection of genetically pure dubias for a long time, but at some point when I have introduced new breeding stock, someone has sold me some hybridized dubias. Suddenly, I have a strain of really beautiful red-gold roaches, which would be fine, except for the fact that they have great difficulty with their final molts and a very high rate of physical deformity, along with the fact that they are wing-eaters, when this behavior was unheard of in my bins before now. > :-( Just FMI, what species is the likely culprit? This isn't the end of the world since I am primari
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