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    I think strawberry leaves can be feed because it's the same family as bramble and I hear from many people they feed bramble leaves and they like it. I would also try to give them strawberry leaves I just sowing some species of strawberrie so I can use the leaves on the end of the year.
  2. Hi Matt K, I think they get enough different feed I give them standard dry feed (cruched dog feed) and every 2 day's a other fresh fruit like : Orange Bananas Appels so I think this must enough for them
  3. Hi Orin and RosenKrieger Can one of you post a picture how you keep the Blaberus giganteus ?? With vertical climb option ?
  4. Hi RosenKrieger, Yes in one of our containers they can climb vertical the other container not. But in both containers whe have the same problem
  5. Hi all, Who can help me there are now 3 Blaberus giganteus molted and the first one who molt is a week ago is dead two other molted today but see pictures how they look like I realy don't know what's going wrong Who can help me ??
  6. The Zoo got this species 12 years ago. It came with a shipment from South America which was intercepted at the time by the customs. The zoo keeper from then has retired and at one point in the last years they lost the papers.
  7. Hi all, Here a picture of a Blaberus sp. I got today from a Dutch Zoo for so far they know it's a pure strain wild captured form who can tell me what species this is ??? Locality unknown
  8. Hi Matt, On this moment we have no problems I think because in every container we have small colonies of max 20 roaches.
  9. Hi all, Here some pictures of how I keep my roaches. I hope you all like the pictures.
  10. Thank you Bugman for your reaction. Later I saw a post with amost the same question in this forum. Stupid from me to ask again sorry tom
  11. Hi All, Who can tell me what leaves you can use to give on the roaches ?? and are not dangerous for them. I use on this moment only Oak leaves but I hear that some people give also (Rubus fruticosus - Common Blackberry) leaves. Common Blackberry don't lost there leaves during winter Is there someone here who have experince with using/feeding leaves to roaches ? Greetings Tom P.S. sorry for my bad English
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