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  1. I think strawberry leaves can be feed because it's the same family as bramble and I hear from many people they feed bramble leaves and they like it.

    I would also try to give them strawberry leaves I just sowing some species of strawberrie so I can use the leaves on the end of the year.

  2. Hi All,

    Who can tell me what leaves you can use to give on the roaches ?? and are not dangerous for them.

    I use on this moment only Oak leaves but I hear that some people give also (Rubus fruticosus - Common Blackberry) leaves.

    Common Blackberry don't lost there leaves during winter ;)

    Is there someone here who have experince with using/feeding leaves to roaches ?



    P.S. sorry for my bad English

  3. Hi all,

    I'm Tom van der Ende from The Netherlands 36 years old I do some work for Museums here in the Netherlands and with the University

    I’m new inside the cockroaches hobby I have now 24 years experience with scorpions of the genus Tityus also from South America. Because I was looking for roaches from the same area as my scorpions for food I found Firefly Schultesia lampyridiformis and Lobster Roach Henschoutendenia flexivitatta what I use as food now.

    Also I saw roaches of the genus Lucihormetica they are beautiful. So I started searching for Lucihormetica species and I register myself as member of the Blattodea Culture Group (BCG) and I come in contact with the person who described Lucihormetica grossei. Now I have 3 Lucihormetica species:

    Lucihormetica subcincta

    Lucihormetica verrucosa

    Lucihormetica grossei

    Greetings from The Netherlands

    My website:



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