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  1. Hi Ralph, Yes thats the lighting they don't like light so they moving all the time :-)
  2. Hi all, Of course you try to do not disturb them because the roaches do'nt like it when you dig them up. But I saw so many youngs last week when I take a look after the light are out so I check ones the container to see how many youngs are born. (13 youngs are born) Youngs
  3. Hi Bugmanprice I think English oak see picture
  4. Hi Ralph, They are not so hard to keep the most inportant is to keep the substrate kokos earth slightly moist. When you give them enough earth 5 cm so they can hide themself and you give them tree leaves I used Eik (Quercus robur) they will do it fine.
  5. Lucihormetica subcincta (Walker, 1868) BCG 096 Colombia 30-40 mm nymph male female Lucihormetica verrucosa (Brunner von Wattenwyl, 1865) BCG 100 Colombia, Venezuela 40 mm nymph male female Lucihormetica grossei (Fritzsche, 2003) BCG 097 Venezuela 30-40 mm nymph
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