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  1. Thank You Peter. Can you guess who I bought them from?
  2. Slowly............Their getting bigger! Their about 2 years old now:)
  3. Looks like it. Maybe it walked into a pile that was wet?
  4. Heellllllooooooo! Does anyone know what happened to her? I used to enjoy purchasing roaches from her.
  5. Sorry, was 1/2 asleep this morning. Sub depth is 3 1/2 inches. Here's a pic from the other day...........
  6. I can't remember if the breeder mentioned that or not. What depth do you recommend?
  7. I'm playing Blonde today. By cm, are you talking the inches? Right now their enclosure depth is 5-6 inches. Mixture of sand and eco earth. I see a few of them out and about on very rare occasions. I group them as pet holes along with my T's.
  8. And I was hoping you had more babies for sale!
  9. What about the Eucalyptus leaves that Double D's sell? Has anyone else used them for their Rhino's?
  10. I pretty much knew it was a scam. I've spent alot of time over the years on the Ebay Forums, and you would not believe the number of people who got ripped off. There wasn't anything that we could help them with, we just wished they would have stopped and asked us first. We're talking thousands of dollars for some of them. Some of these people were even giving the scammers their credit card numbers, bank account numbers to name a few....... Places like Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Singapore ect............ Both as a buyer & seller, you just have to be careful. Research your sellers, find out what others are saying about them......what's their feedback like? What country are they from? It's all pretty much about common sense. Thank You Everybody! P.S........... Peter, The 5 Rhino's I bought from you last year are doing great! It's too bad I couldn't feed them some type of Miracle Grow to make the grow faster!
  11. Uhh, what are "T's" and what means "leary" (Sorry, my english isn't that great and the only leary I know is Timothy Leary... )??? Hello Pharma! T's are Tarantulas and leary means apprehensive, unsure of what to do. The dudes name Martiny Mbamba...........eddeinvestment@yahoo.com Hopefully I won't get into trouble for posting that. I just sent him a order and threw in a bunch of questions as far as importing, documents, fees, ect....... Here's part of the last exchange that I had from him: Once you place your order I need atleast 50% upfront that will enable me to prepare the whole shipment including paper work and other documents Payments can channeled to account or through Western Union Money Transfer I hope you can place your order Rgds Martiny I'm interested to see what he has to say!
  12. Thanks Guys He's from Tanzania. I just heard back from him, prices are really cheap. Then came the 50% down and Western Union. I think I'm going to run away from this deal, but I'm going to ask about permit's and such. Is it O.k. to post his name and business name on here?
  13. Thank You Orin! I'm kinda more into the hobby species. I found a seller over there that's selling T's, but also has some roaches and millies. But I've never bought anything overseas before, and I'm extremely leary.
  14. Heeeeello! Quick question.........What types of cockroaches are there in Africa? Thank You!
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